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Garnier Amber Solaire No Streaks Bronzer review

January 31, 2013

Just a quick review of a new self-tan gel that I bought the other day. This is the Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer, which is the tinted gel version from this range. I believe this retails for $13.95 here in Australia, but I bought it on sale for just under $10.

I am a sucker for a tinted gel tanning product, the main reasons are because it makes it easy to apply (and I am not very advanced with self tanning products), you see where you are applying the product, and you get an instant tanned appearance without needing to wait hours for it to develop.

I reviewed a similar tinted gel from Face Of Australia (see post here), and it was horrible! It didn't apply evenly and it didn't sink into my skin, but the benefit of a tinted gel is that I could see that it wasn't applying well and I was able to wash it off before it gave me tiger striped legs.

You can see that this is a dark amber/brown tinted gel which is pretty runny and contains a lot of shimmer. The tinted colour and the shimmer last on your skin until you wash it off, but by the time you do need to wash it off, the fake tan has developed. This product does smell like fake tan, even though it does have that typical Garnier fruity scent trying to mask it.

So you apply the tan directly to clean and exfoliated skin. It doesn't take much time to blend the colour into the skin, and you can see where there are any uneven spots so you can rub it in before the tan sets in. This does dry pretty quickly once it has applied - you have plenty of time to rub it in, but you don't have to stand there air drying before you put on your clothes.

Here is a bit of a weird photo... but it shows the tan applied to the leg on the left and not on the leg to the right. You can see that this gives an instant natural tan to the skin, which will develop further over the next few hours. It does give quite a natural tan finish, so if you want a stronger tan then you may need to apply it again the following day. I personally will probably use this once a week, just to give my skin more of a glow rather than a strong tan.

Instant colour
Even, easy application
Natural tan appearance

Smells like fake tan, even though it's trying to cover the smell with a fruity scent

Gives the skin a slight gold shimmery appearance until you have a shower.

Overall I am pretty happy with this tanning product, and I would recommend it to people who like no fuss tanning. Have you tried this product? What do you think of tinted gels?


  1. Looks really pretty! i like a really dark tan when i do tan though so i use a mousse, but this would be nice top it up before a night out :)

  2. Looks nice - I might actually pick this up and give it a go! I've never done self tanning before, as I fear streaks, orange palms, etc. but this looks like it would be pretty foolproof. xxx

  3. Never tried fake tanning before, but I just dropped in to see how this one went for you! :P Not a weird photo at alll... But would it be weird to ask which yellow nail polish do you have on your toes? LOL. It looks so cute and summery!

  4. This looks great!(:

  5. I've just bought this and I'm eager to see how it turns out when it develops as I generally like quite a dark tan, also you're right about the fake tan smell- definitely there!
    Amy xx

  6. I recently bought this product. I didn't mind the perfume but it went quite orange on my skintone. I'll probably use it again but I won't buy it again. Maggie


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