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Eye Of Horus Liquid Goddess Essentials Pack review and swatches

January 19, 2013

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be named the newest member of Lipstick Republic's Republic Beauty Squad Team. This is really exciting for me, because I have been buying makeup from Lipstick Republic for a few months now and I adore them! Not only do they stock brands that are hard to get in Australia (OCC, Lime Crime, NYX, e.l.f., Z-Palette etc), but I have discovered some great brands through them (such as Saucebox, and now Eye Of Horus and Lippy Girl), and they also give great little freebies and samples with each order. It was a really nice surprise when they asked me to be a beauty squad team member, not only was it quite flattering because it means they like my reviews, but it also means that they will occasionally send me new products to review... and who can say no to that?

So this is the welcome pack that the lovely Michelle from Lipstick Republic sent me. It contains a Eye Of Horus Liquid Goddess Essentials Pack, seven Lippy Girl lipsticks and a cute Lipstick Republic t-shirt. I will be reviewing the Eye Of Horus Liquid Goddess Essentials Pack now, and I will review the lipsticks early next week after I have worn most of them.

So in the Eye Of Horus pack you get:
  • Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara
  • Liquid Define Eye Liner
  • Custom Eye of Horus Compact Mirror
  • Microfiber Cleansing Cloth
  • Makeup bag 
  • Information booklet

    This pack retails for $85, but it currently on sale at Lipstick Republic for $49 (and if you want 10% off then use the discount code RepublicVIBs)... so if you like the look of it, I recommend you check it out ASAP! You can also check it out at the Eye Of Horus website.

    The mascara usually retails for $34.95, the liner $30, the compact mirror for $15 and the microfiber cloth for $15... so if you like everything in this pack then its definitely great value for money. You would be forgiven for thinking that this is an Egyptian brand, but it's actually Australian (Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi)... I think it's also linked with One Skin System (see my skincare review here).

    Firstly, I love the packaging... its really unique and striking with the black and the gold. They definitely have put a lot of effort into the designs.

    The mascara has one of those spiky brushes, which I am a big fan of. These separate your lashes and they add a lot of volume without adding any clumps. This doesn't budge or smudge all day, and it's easy to remove with makeup remover. I also love the formula, its the perfect consistency, not too wet and not too dry. You can see from the photos below how one coat makes a really dramatic difference. 

    Without Eye Of Horus mascara
    With one coat of Eye Of Horus mascara
    Note: I don't recommend applying your mascara before the liner, but I wanted to show how the mascara looked on its own.

    The liner has a really nice fine tip which can give you a really precise line, but it is also quite firm so it won't bend out of shape. Talia from 2bfem also compared this liner to other similar liquid liner pens, and described how this liner actually is double sided, so if this tip does get blunt then you can take the tip out and turn it around. Handy!

    The swatch above is me using the liner on it's side for a thicker line, and then I used the tip for a thinner line. Look how pigmented this liner is! It is definitely smudge and water proof, I tried to rub and rub and rub and it did not move! It also dries really fast so you don't have to worry about it transferring. I decided to compare this to the Bourjois liner that Talia also mentioned in her video above, let's see how they compare...

    So the Eye Of Horus one is on the left and the Bourjois is on the right, and what I did was wet my finger and I wiped it over the liners once they set. The Eye Of Horus one did not budge, but the Bourjois one didn't survive too well. I bought this Bourjois one for $25, and I don't think I will repurchase it again... I might buy another one of these packs while they are on sale so I can stock up on this liner! :P

    With Eye Oh Horus mascara
    With Eye Of Horus mascara and eyeliner

    I know these aren't the cheapest products out there, but damn they are good! If you are into buying high end products then I would recommend trying these out... but even if you aren't into spending big money on makeup, these aren't much more expensive than brands like Bourjois or Revlon, and I can assure you, you will notice a significant difference in quality. I won't be buying that Bourjois liner again when I can get this Eye Of Horus one for $5 more.

    What do you think of these products? Have you heard of Eye of Horus?


    1. I've had my eye on this brand for a while and have been so tempted by them, but haven't heard much about them on the blogosphere! But... after seeing your pics, I'm definitely convinced I need these babies in my life!
      Thanks for the great review, Kat!

      1. You will love them! I am so tempted to buy a back up pack, but I have about 4 unopened mascaras waiting to be used, so I might just get another one of the liners as soon as it runs out, I am curious to try the pencil liners too! Thanks for the comment xx

    2. looks very cool :)

      independent beauty blog by she.is.the.one

    3. Wow that eyeliner is super pigmented! Looks great!!


    4. This looks awesome, I shall have to check out this brand.


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