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Everyday Minerals Brow Defining Kit - review and swatches

January 26, 2013

In the December Lust Have It box I got a Everyday Minerals blush, as well as a 10% off voucher for the Everyday Minerals website. I had a look at the website and I was umming and ahhing about a few things, but ended up purchasing the Brow Defining Kit, because it looked like great value and I use brow products every day, and I do actually use brow products up occasionally, unlike other makeup products like blushes. As the name suggests, this makeup is mineral makeup and they don't test on animals... I definitely need to start buying more natural makeup!

So this cost $10.99 and $5.58 shipping, and with the discount it came to a total of $15.47. The shipping did take a good 3 weeks to arrive, and I even forgot that I ordered this... which made a nice surprise in the mail.

This kit is currently on sale for $7.99 at the Everyday Minerals website

So I was pretty impressed when I opened this pack. It contains two brow/eyeliner powders - one in a chocolate brown shade called Dark Brown, and one black brown which is called Mrs. Coffee. This also comes with matte eyeshadow in the shade Rare Silk which is supposed to be used as a brow highlight, and lastly this comes with an angle brush. The containers come with sifters, which are good because they prevent the messiness of a powder product, but I find them a little annoying because it can make it difficult getting the product out... each to their own.

This brush is a small thin angle brush, which is great for defining your brows, but it takes a little bit longer to fill in your brows because it is smaller than a typical angle brush. I am amazed at what I got in this pack... because normally an angle brush alone would cost around $15 in a store.

Swatches indoor lighting: Rare Silk, Dark Brown, Mrs. Coffee
Swatches in direct sunlight: Rare Silk, Dark Brown, Mrs. Coffee

Rare Silk is a matte off white shade, and I like that it has been included in the pack, but on my eyes I find that this doesn't add much of a brow bone highlight... when I apply quite a lot it looks a bit powdery, but when I blend it, it is virtually undetectable. I like that it is matte, but because it doesn't show on my skin, it would have been possible better if this was a slightly shimmery shade. Since this this an eyeshadow, I will probably use it more on the eye lid rather than the brow bone.

Dark Brown looks quite red in the tub but does apply as a dark chocolate brown with a slight grey tone. This shade matches my eyebrows quite well, and since it is a powder you can choose to apply a little or to apply a lot. Strangely this does have a slight shimmer to it (which you may be able to see in the direct sunlight swatch), but it is not noticeable when applied.

Mrs. Coffee is a black brown, and I initially thought that this would be the shade I reach for, but it does apply very dark, almost black. If you have really dark brows, this would be perfect for you! I love that this doubles as an eyeliner, because that's what I will use it for, and it is very pigmented and easily gives a soft but strong eyeliner look, especially if you use the small angle brush that was also included in the pack. This is also slightly shimmery in the sun, but is barely detectable when applied.

Naked brows
Using the brow kit

The photos above of before and after using the kit. You can see that I have really sparse brows, with annoyingly long eyebrow hairs. Because of that, I do use brow products every day! The after photo is me using all the products in the kit. I used Dark Brown all over the brow, and then I added a bit of Mrs. Coffee to define the arch. This is a really bold look, and day to day I would definitely tone it down a little.

Overall, you can't beat the value of this kit, it has two large brow/eyeliner powders, a small matte eyeshadow, and a brush, and it's all natural mineral makeup. The only downside to this kit is that it only comes in these shades, which really only suit dark brows. I would love it if they had the Dark Brown for occasions when you want bold brows, but then a light brown for more a more natural look, and to suit people with lighter hair.

Have you tried this brand? What do you think of mineral makeup?


  1. Ooooh I do like the look of this kit , looking at your brows mine are very similar and I have never used brow products before ..... but I might just order this . I got their free face bases samples ( a pack of 7 resealable sachets) for a huge total of 5 cents (paypal total) as its free and I think I paid about $3.50 postage and had the same shipping time. I didnt receive any of their products in my box so I thought I will just try the free samples. Might just have to get this too

    1. If you have brows like mine, then brow products will change your life! I didn't notice that you could get samples, I do love ordering samples, especially if they are powder samples.

    2. Hi Kathryn ,
      I just checked on the invoice and its called the 7 piece custom sampling kit , and it was definitely freeyou only had to pay postage.
      They are only small scahets but a great idea is that unlike other they have a resealable top like a plastic lunch bag LOL .I love getting samples too :)

  2. great review..
    i love how that brow kit set your brow beautifully..
    well, unfortunately i havent try that brand yet-.-
    ow love your eye make up too

  3. Looks good! It seems odd to me though that brow powders would be loose instead of pressed. To be fair though, I've never used eyebrow products in my life (can't be bothered), so what do I know? :) (am a fan of the eyeliner) xxx

  4. Darn! This looks pretty awesome and I *just* put in an Everyday Minerals order because I've been dying to try their brushes. Now I *really* wish I had ordered this too!

  5. Your post just reminded me about my voucher that I totally forgot about! I don't even know where it went... but great purchase, and very worth the value I believe. And I'm loving your blog, definitely following :)


  6. Wow, this looks great! My brows are incredibly sparse as well, and I definitely appreciate a bold brow now and again. Will have to check this out! :)



  7. Wow the color seems to go on your eyebrows very naturally! A great value I agree! :)


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