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Brush cleaning

January 15, 2013

I have been a little unmotivated with blogging this week... I think its a symptom of not being really excited about many products lately, and if there is a product or two that I am excited about reviewing, I don't have enough time to put a lot of effort into writing a post that will do it justice. Aaanyway, I desperately needed to clean some of my brushes yesterday, so I decided to take some photos and write a quick blog post about how I clean my brushes. I'm not a professional anything when it comes to makeup, so I'm sure there are better cleaning methods out there, but this works for me. I am more than happy to hear any great tips that people have for brush cleaning, but I thought at the very least this post will remind people to clean their brushes.

So what I tend to use when I clean my brushes are:
  • Baby shampoo
  • A towel
  • A sink of water

1. I start by dipping the brush head into the skin of water and then I squeeze some baby shampoo straight onto the brush. I use baby shampoo because it is supposed to be gentle for the brush fibers. Key tip here is to avoid getting much of the handle wet, as the glue can start to separate from water damage, and your brushes won't last as long. Real Techniques brushes are great because the ferrule (the metal part of the brush) is really long and makes it easier to protect the brush from the water.

2. I then "buff" the brush onto my hand to help foam up to shampoo and to help work all of the product out of the brush. Often foundation or concealer brushes are much harder to clean than brushes used for powders, so I will often have to repeat this step two or three times until I no longer see product coming out of the brush.

3. I then rinse the brush in the sink of water, and then run it under the tap to get any shampoo residue out of the brush. If you are washing quite a few brushes, then you may want to change the water once or twice, because it can get pretty gross!


4. Lastly I roughly wipe the brush with a towel and then when I have finished cleaning all of the brushes, I lay them on the towel to dry in a sunny spot. I have heard that its best to dry them on their side or hanging with them up with the brush head facing down, because if you were to store them in a cup (like how I normally store them), then the water can seep into the brush handle and cause water damage.

5. I like to leave my brushes on the towel for at least a good 24 hours - which is why I don't wash all my brushes at the same time.

6. Lastly, people say that you should wash your brushes every week... but I know I don't have the time for that! The e.l.f. brush set that I got a little while ago recommends you wash your brushes ever 3 weeks, which I think is more realistic. I generally wash my foundation brushes and other liquid brushes often, but I leave the powder brushes for a few weeks.



  1. Awww your cat is so adorable! And I totally agree with washing them every week - I certainly have no time for that! I'm lucky if I get to wash them every 3 weeks lol! x

    1. same! If I wash them once a month then I'm happy. I do randomly wash my most used foundation brushes every week or so, but thats it!

  2. I'm the worst with washing brushes! Coincidentally I washed a few of mine today too. I've been using hand wash, as most of my brushes are super cheap, but I should probably buy something a bit less harsh when I start buying better quality ones.

  3. hahaha your cat is so funny! thanks for the info ^^

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  4. Great post! Your brush collection is fantastic and this really is a good reminder for me to wash my brushes. Like, now! It's definitely one of my resolutions this year to wash my brushes more often, since it's so easy to be lazy about this. And your kitty is super adorable and obviously very excited about your clean brushes :)


  5. I'm glad that other people are just as lazy as me when it comes to washing brushed. It always feels like the muck is just never ending! You've done a great job on such a horrid little task! :)


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