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Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner review and swatches - shades 002, 006 and 008

December 10, 2012

I have been using the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in the shade 002 Absolute Brown for years, it's a really easy liquid liner to use, and it was this liner that taught be how to do liquid liner around 10 years ago! A little while ago I was looking on ebay and I found a UK seller who were selling these three for $16, and normally these retail for around $14 each in Priceline. Priceline also only sells the shades 001 Black and 002 Absolute Brown. The ebay seller no longer sells these in a trio, but if you like the look of shades 006 and 008, you can get them for about $6 on ebay!

These contain 2.5ml of product each, and they last for ages and ages and ages... I end up having to replace these when I have had one for a couple of years and the foam tip starts to lose it's shade, these really don't dry out.

Shades 002 Absolute Brown, 006 and 008

When you unscrew the lid, there is a pointed foam applicator. The tip allows you to apply the liner very finely, and if you want a thicker application then you can turn the tip on its side. See thin and thick strokes in the photo below.

Top: 008. Middle: 006. Bottom: 002

Shade 008 is a very metallic green liner, and it is mainly green shimmer without much of a base colour. Because it doesn't have much of a base colour, it is the least pigmented, but if you have enough product on the brush, then it's not an issue. I don't often use green liner, so I tend to blend this along the lash line while it is still wet, one these have dried, they are very difficult to smudge. As these are so pigmented then all I do is draw three dots along my lash line and blend that out with a brush, if you line your whole eye and you try too smudge it, there will be way too much product and you will have instant panda eyes!

Shade 006 is a shimmery light brown copper with a brown base colour. This would be a great shade for people who find black liner too dark, I personally feel as though I need a very dark liner to frame my eyes, so I use this much like the green.

Shade 002 is my favourite, it is a very dark brown, that almost looks matte black. Once this eyeshadow sets, it does not budge, and this is also amazingly pigmented. I love this liner, which is why I have repurchased this many times!

The formula of these liners are very liquidy, so they do take a good 10 or so seconds to dry. If you want to smudge them, you need to do it while it is still wet, otherwise once they set and they don't budge. The photo below is of a single stroke of each shade smudged, you can see how pigmented they are and how pretty the two shimmery shades look like when they are blended! Since a little goes a long way, you could even use this all over your eyelid by blending out one small stroke. I have tried this out, and it does look good, but I haven't tested how long this lasts.

If you are interested at trying out liquid liner, but you don't want to spend too much money on expensive liners and brushes, this is a good liner to try. I always have the dark brown in my makeup collection because it is such an easy liner to use, and I love the bold matte dark brown shade, it is has the impact of a black liner, but the brown makes it a tiny bit more wearable.

Have you tried these liners?


  1. I've actually never tried these liners before, but the look stunning. I cannot believe how beautiful that green looks! Thanks for sharing - I will definitely be looking for these on ebay! ;)

  2. I cannot believe I've never even seen these before, I need them in my life! I'm going to eBay them straight away haha!
    Thanks so much for sharing! :D

    1. I personally love them, I hope you enjoy them too. I am going to buy all of mine from ebay these days because they are just so much cheaper!

  3. oh nice! I actually am a HUGE fan of these eyeliners. I can't do my eyeliner with a longer brush. love the green version too though!

    happy holidays!

    1. oh yay! I thought I was the only one who loves these, because no one ever talks about them. I struggle with a longer brush too

  4. I love Rimmel liners but I only ever use back! I'll have to give some other colours a go, they look lovely! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. I have used the black before and I do love it, but I often repurchase the brown instead because I have so many other black liners... I feel like I can justify repurchasing the brown :P

  5. these are such pretty colours! i have the black one,although i wasnt that keen on the brush...thanks for sharing kat :)

  6. Shad 002 looks so versatile!!



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