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Mini Illamasqua Haul: Lipstick In Brink and Medium Pencil in Vow - review and swatches

December 4, 2012

A little while ago the Illamasqua was having free international shipping for a few days, and I decided to place an order. I would have preferred to have bought these in store, now that Illamasqua have dropped their prices in Australia, but because I went past the store in Myer Melbourne twice looking for the nude eyeliner Vow, and they were sold out, I decided to order online. While I was placing an order I decided to get a lipstick too since I love the Illamasqua lipstick that I have. I ordered the shade Brink because I wanted a light peach colour that I can wear on a daily basis, and from the swatches online, this shade looked perfect. 
The lipstick cost $25, and the pencil cost $20.

The order came packaged really nicely, and a sample of the perfume “Freak” was included. I appreciate the sample, but I’m not the biggest fan of the scent, it's a bit too strong for my liking. 

The pencil in Vow is a very light nude colour, and I ordered this to use on my waterliner, I have been wanting a nude pencil for aaages. I have a few whites, but they look too harsh and unnatural so I had my heart set on nude. Even though this is a great pencil, I do find that it is slightly too light for my skin tone, and almost looks white on my waterline anyway. In addition to that, this pencil applied very smoothly to your skin, but takes a little bit of work to apply to your waterline. My favorite way of using this pencil is on my lower lash line and extended under the flick of my liquid liner, to make a sharper and crisper flick.
Swatch of Brink and Vow with flash

I must admit, when I first opened this lipstick, I was a little disappointed. As you can see from the swatches, it is much darker than a nudie peach that the website shows this to be (see website photos below), and the website describes this as a warm peachy pink, but its more of a bright peachy orange. In addition to that, it is a very dry formula which is difficult to apply. Do I dislike this lipstick? No, I do like it when you apply it well. Would I repurchase this? Definitely not.

Website swatches:
Illamasqua website image for the lipstick Brink
Illamasqua website swatch for the lipstick Brink

My swatches:

My swatch of Brink, applied lightly and rubbed in like a stain
My swatch of Brink, applied heavily straight from the tube
If you pat this onto your lips and rub it in like a stain then this looks really nice and lasts a long time (see first lip swatch above), but if you apply it straight from the tube, it is far too cakey and clumps around the inside of your mouth, which looks hideous (see second lip swatch above). If applied well, this looks great, but it is a very hard lipstick to apply and I don’t think it is worth the hassle. The formula reminds me a little of MAC’s Ruby Woo, but unlike Ruby Woo which stays in place and looks great once applied, this lipstick can be high maintenance because it can end up looking a little patchy. This is one of those purchases where you don’t necessarily regret buying it, but if I tried this in store first I would give it a miss. 

Even though this was not my most successful Illamasqua purchase, I have placed another order since, but at least I tried the products out in store before ordering this time! 

Edit: ok so I have been making myself use Vow more, since I wrote this post, and I am starting to love it. I think it does make your eyes look more awake, and I thought I would insert a photo of my makeup today where I am wearing it on my waterline



  1. You had the same issue as me with Brink. :/ It's such a dry lipstick. Vow will look amazing on the waterline
    Oh, and I agree. The swatches on the Illamasqua website are waaay off.

    1. I know, its so dry and hard to wear :(

  2. I have been wanting Vox for ages too! I still need to get it - hopefully for Christmas. I've been wanting it for the same reasons as you too - I don't like white, it's a bit harsh, but Vox looks perfect.

    1. I'm looking forward to trying the Rimmel nude khol liner!

  3. It's a shame the the formula of the lipstick is disappointing, since the colour is so pretty! And I've heard such great things about the Vow pencil- I love the idea of using it to sharpen winged liner. I'll have to try this (when I eventually cave and buy it ;)!

  4. Ahh Brink would've been so pretty if it stayed true to color as in the website! Not that it isn't now.. the fact that its dry is dissapointing though :(

  5. Great review! And those brink swatches are waaay off you are totally right. I was wondering how long Vow lasts on the waterline for you? I have a Mac pencil that I love for my waterline but it doesn't last very long so I'm on the search for another!


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