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Lust Have It box December 2012

December 21, 2012

Yay! Lust Have It time of the month! Instantly I felt that this was a pretty good box, it felt quite heavy and full of goodies!

So this month contains a hairspray sample, a full size face mist, a full size blush (or powder or eye shadow), a full size moisturiser worth a whopping $69, a couple of hand cream samples, a perfume sample, and a full size exfoliating glove. This is a great value box worth over $100... and it contains a candy cane!

Baji Face Mist - full size: If you love rose, you will love this rose and kakadu plum scent... I am not the biggest fan of rose but I think that the plum makes this slightly more fruity and helps it appeal to people like me. I am not a big user of face mists, but I like that this is also designed to be a toner, and I love toners... you can't go wrong with a multi-purpose product. After reading other peoples reviews on this box, I noticed that some people got Sandalwood face mist that is designed for oily skin... that one would have suited my skin more, but I am still happy with this hydrating one.

Everyday Minerals Cheek Disco Inferno Blush - full size: Even though I would have been happy with a powder or an eyeshadow, I am addicted to blushes, so I was very happy to see that I got the blush. This is a loose blush which can get messy, but the packaging is quite good and has a protector that twists around and stops the powder getting everywhere in the lid (see photo below)

When you look at the blush in the container it almost has a purple hint to it, but when you rub it into the skin it starts to develop to more of an orange/coral shade (see swatch below). I am really looking forward to giving this a go, I think it will be a great Summer shade. Also this contains 4.8g of product, which is a great sized blush!

Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Creme in Gardenia and Water Lily - two 5ml samples: I have a lot of hand cream on the go at the moment, so I probably won't use these just yet. I do like that they gave us two samples of different scents.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - 1.2ml sample: I enjoy perfume samples when I actually like the perfume, and luckily I love Marc Jacobs perfumes. I was contemplating getting Daisy or Lola after Christmas, so I am looking forward to using this and seeing how much I like it. This smells quite floral, but light and fresh. This isn't described on the information card, but on the other side of the card it does mention that it was added in as a bonus sample.

Pelactiv Hydra Daily Defense - full size: This is a moisturiser that claims to strengthen the skin's natural defences to the environment. I am very curious to try this, because I have never heard of this brand and I want to know why it costs $69 for 50ml! I will give this a go for a week and no doubt review it soon.

Catwalk by Tigi Sessions Series Finishing Hairspray - 80ml sample: I love hair spray so I will definitely use this, I also like that it's a perfect hand bag size.

Lust Have It! Exfoliating Glove - full size: I love it when beauty boxes include beauty 'tools' as well as samples. This is a small bag made of course material and has an elasticated opening, and is designed to be used either wet or dry. I will use this and edit in how I got along with it.

Overall I am really happy with this box, there is not one item that I won't use and it is a pretty well rounded box containing skincare, makeup, hair products, body products, and a fragrance. If you want to check out more about Lust Have It, then check out their website.

Are you signed up to Lust Have It? Was your December box any different?

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  1. Have you tried the mist yet? I used it on my face and it was definitely NOT a mist.. it's like a pressure spray or something. Stung my eyes even though I had them shut! :(

    1. Bummer! I have tried it, and I found that mine is a heavy mist, but not so heavy that I would worry about it making my makeup run or anything... but if I had a heavy face of makeup on then I probably wouldn't risk it. I didn't have a problem with it stinging my eyes, did you get the rose or the sandalwood one?

  2. I adore the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume!

  3. Im very intrigued by the Pelactiv Brand I've never heard of them either but I'm loving the Face Scrub I received but I don't know about the price (it's $49 for 150ml)
    I love the name of that blush :)


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