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Lush Christmas Candy Box!

December 31, 2012

A few days ago I wrote a post about things that I bought in the Boxing Day sales (see post here). I mentioned that I went to Lush and bought a bunch of things on sale, and one of the things I bought was this Christmas Candy Box, which was on sale for $17.47 (normally $34.95). Even though these are probably sold out in store now, I thought I would review it because I am sure you can still find some of these products still available. I also love the gift box that it comes in, I am currently using this as my Lush storage box.

So as the name suggests, this contains products that smells like candy... mmm candy!

So this box contains:

Rock Star Soap 60g - You can get this soap all year round, but I think its normally in the block form, and not in the star shape. This soap is supposed to smell like vanilla, but to me it smells more like sweet musk. I like this scent, but I'm glad its just a little bar because I can imagine getting sick of this scent after a while. This retails for $6.95 for 100g

Butterball Bath Ballistic - This is another product that isn't limited edition. I have tried this before and it smells amazing in the bath! It smells like vanilla and musk, and contains chips of cocoa butter which makes your skin feel really smooth and hydrated afterwards. It is also a more natural coloured bath bomb, which can appeal to people who don't like having neon baths. These retail for $5.50 each.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g - I love this stuff, my sister got me into this body wash a few years ago, and I look forward to Christmas time each year so I can get another bottle. I also bought a second 100ml bottle of this. This smells exactly like banana lollies, and I know it is probably too sweet for a lot of peoples taste, but I think its epic. The great thing about this body wash is that it also leaves you smelling great after the shower. This retails for $8.95 for a 100g bottle.

Popcorn Lip Scrub 25g - I was so excited to find this box because I really wanted this lip scrub and it was sold out in all of the Lush stores that I checked out. It's also limited edition so it won't be available for a while. This smells like caramel and contains sugar and salt, so when you exfoliate your lips and lick it off (which is what the directions tell you to do), it tastes sweet and salty, so you can kind of understand where the popcorn concept came from. There are a couple other lip scrubs permanently available, and they retail for $9.95

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar 100g - This is another limited Christmas product. This smells really sweet, and very similar to the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I don't often use bubble products when I have a bath, so I am glad this was included, as I wouldn't have bothered to try it otherwise. I am assuming that this is designed to be broken up for multiple uses. There are other bubble bars in the lush permanent range, and they sell for $10.50 per 100g

Overall, I think this is an awesome box and suits me perfectly! If I saw this available in the store again I would definitely buy another box!

What are your favourite Lush products?

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  2. I've only tried the Lush H'Suan Wen Hua and it stinks... but it does a pretty good job in moisturizing my hair. I've purchased a few Lush stuff online but haven't gotten around to trying them out yet, as I'm trying to finish up the soaps and shampoos I've currently got in my bathroom.

  3. I love love love the bath bombs. I actually love pretty much anything Lush. LOL!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  4. Awesome set! I bought Lush's Popcorn scrub a little while back and I've been absolutely loving it! Smells (and tastes!) so yummy :)

    Happy New Year, Kat!


  5. This is such a nice set :) what a bargain too!

  6. i am soooo jealous kat! i had my eye on this and you got it at such a bargain! i think this was their best holiday gift set :)

  7. Snow Fairy Shower Gel is amazing , I tried it and love how it left a great and sweet smell on my body

  8. Omg I want to try out Lush so badly! The Popcorn lip scrub sounds so yummy :)


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