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Lorac WILD FOR TANtalizer Eye Shadow Palette review and swatches

December 6, 2012

I have always wanted to try Lorac, but it's hard brand to get your hands on in Australia. Luckily I was given this for Christmas from my friend who travels overseas a lot, and also loves makeup. Because this is a present, I'm not sure where to buy them from or how much it costs. This is the WILD FOR TANtalizer eye palette and contains four shimmery coppery eye shadows in the shades Fierce, Tigris, Panthera, and Saber.

As you can see from the photo above, the packaging is made of a thin, but sturdy, cardboard and contains a decent size mirror. This is a great quad for traveling.

This is such a great palette for me, as I love coppery browns and I rarely use really light shades. If you do love having a really really light colour to use as a highlight, then this palette won't be enough for your complete eye makeup look. The lightest shade can be used as a nice pop of brightness on the inner corner of your eye, but is more of a nude shade than a light shade.

Each of these shades are really easy to use, they are soft and buttery and well pigmented. Because these are so soft, they do have a slight tendency to have a little bit of fall out, but other than that, they are really easy to apply and work with.

Swatches without flash. Left to right: Fierce, Tigris, Panthera, Saber
Swatches with flash. Left to right: Fierce, Tigris, Panthera, Saber
Fierce: This shade is the lightest of the four, and as I mentioned before, this can be used as a inner corner highlight, but it more of a mid toned shade rather than a light shade. I am happy to see that this is the lightest shade, because personally I don't use light shades often and they end up never getting used. This is a silvery rose gold shade, and looks beautiful all over the lid for a natural look. This is also probably the most pigmented shade and applies really evenly without needing to build up the colour

Tigris: This is a really pretty metallic copper toned shade, and it definitely looks more orange in real life than in the swatches. This shade would probably work really well on blue eyes.

Panthera: This is a dark gold colour, and has the same smooth and even pigmentation as Fierce. This is really easy to use, and I can imagine getting a lot of use out of this shade

Saber: This is a bronze brown with a hint of purple. It is definitely one of the most interetsing looking shades out of the four. I think this is the least shimmery of the four, and can apply quite patchy if you aren't careful. This is a great addition to the quad as it works well as a crease or outer corner colour.

Light weight packaging with a mirror
Contains a lot of product (9g in total)
Great range of colours
Very pigmented and easy to use

In my opinion none, but I am sure some people would like to see a very light shade, oh and there is a tiny bit of fall out if you aren't careful.

This is a great quad if you are like me and love to wear a bronze or gold eye. My favourite of these shades is Fierce, as it is a really nice all over lid colour and has the nicest formula. Even though Saber probably has the least pigmented formula, I think it makes a great addition to the palette, and I think it works perfectly with Fierce.

Here is a look that I did today with Fierce, Panthera and Saber

Now I wish Lorac was available in Australia so I can buy more of their products! Have you tried any Lorac products?


  1. I am obsessed with Lorac. This quad looks amazing. I going to buy the Pro Palette and Unziped Palette & have it parcel forwarded as I cant find anywhere that sells it.
    Those swatches looking amazing :)

  2. Wow, this looks right up my alley! I'm such a sucker for shimmery browns and bronzes. I bought the Lorac Croc palette a few years ago and this looks quite similar!



  3. I really want to try Lorac shadows - especially the pro palette! I keep hearing raves about their eyeshadows. This palette looks totally up my alley, I adore these kind of bronzy shades and I'm sure I'd get heaps of wear from them. Love the look that you created :)

  4. Fierce and Panthera are soooo pretty!!



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