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Lime Crime Uniliner in Citreuse - review and swatches

December 22, 2012

The lovely Michelle from Lipstick Republic included this little gem in my last Lipstick Republic order (see post here), I have praised this company a lot in my posts because they stock products that are hard to get in Australia, they sell them for great prices (usually matching the US prices) and shipping is super fast... check out the website here and enter the code RepublicVIBs for a 10% discount.

Onto the product, so this is a Lime Crime Uniliner in the shade Citreuse, which is a neon yellow with a slight hint of green. I have been meaning to order some of these from the Lime Crime website, but I was quite reluctant because shipping from Lime Crime isn't cheap... Luckily I have found a local supplier! If you aren't in Australia then I would recommend you check these out at the Lime Crime website. These uniliners also comes in white, baby blue, royle blue, orange, fuschia, black, gold and silver and retail for $15.99 each.

As with all of Lime Crimes products, a lot of effort has been put into making the packaging amazingly cute. I was really impressed that they also went to the effort to even colour the inside of the box and it matches perfectly to this shade of liner.

This liner is significantly smaller than normal liquid liners (see first photo in this blog to see how it fits in my hand), but that doesn't bother me too much, because I can't imagine that these bright shades will be used on a daily basis, so a small tube will still last you a long time.

The applicator is a thin brush, which ensures that you can apply a nice thin line.

Swatch in direct sun light

Swatch in the shade

This is almost opaque in one stroke, but tends to thin out at the end of the brush stroke. I found when applying it, if you apply a few layers then it can start to crack, so I would recommend that you apply this in small strokes so you don't need to apply more than one layer. This also dries matte, and this paricular shade looks neon on the eye. I really like it!

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  1. Wow, I have never seen a liner this shade before! It looks really cool on you! :)
    S xx

  2. I LOVE how you've worn this! A subtle pop of neon looks amazing with your brown eyes :) I'll definitely be rocking this look come summer '13! x

    1. Thanks lovely, it's summer here now so I might wear it a lot in the next few months x

  3. That colour looks awesome put over black eyeliner!

  4. Want! I've had LC products on my wishlist forever but the price + shipping is what's been keeping me from purchasing them. This really is an amazing colour, I love love love bold liners ^^ Looks lovely on you dear xx

  5. You wear it really well, I love how youthful, fresh and summery it looks!

  6. i had always wondered how these look.. amazing! will definitely be taking putting in an order to the lipstick republic soon too, looks fantastic and so cheap!

  7. Whoa I love this! At first I was thinking: "hmmm colour is a bit strange?" but it totally works!

  8. What a unique colour! I don't think I have the balls to wear it though. I'm not brave enough :(

  9. What a bright, unique colour! You have magically somehow made this difficult shade to work and look amazing!

  10. Wow, so vibrant! Lime green can be a really difficult colour to wear, but you've made it look great :)


  11. I loved how you wore it over the black! What a unique look!


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