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Christmas Lush Gifts - Festive Cheer and Had A Very Shiny Nose

December 5, 2012

I got my first Christmas present of the year the other day, and it contained two lush gifts and a eyeshadow quad (yay!). The two gifts from Lush are the Festive Cheer gift and the Had A Very Shiny Nose gift, and I will hopefully review the eyeshadow quad tomorrow.

There were wrapped up nicely, but I opened them without taking photos of the boxes, so these are the photos from the Lush website.

Festive Cheer contains a Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub and a Ponche Shower Gel. Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub is a solid sugar scrub that is in the shape of Santa, and smells like a warm herbal orange. I used this in the shower today and I was worried about wetting the whole block, so I crumbed some of it off and mixed it with water and rubbed in on my skin. Because it contains oils, once it dissolves, it leaves a really nice oil on your skin. My favourite Lush products are their shower gels, so I was happy to receive the Ponche Shower Gel. This shower gel was really nice to use, it leaves your skin smelling really nice. The scent is sweet and like spicy fruit with a hint of alcohol, it kinda reminded me of wine gum lollies.

Had A Very Shiny Nose contains three soaps; Northern Lights Soap, Snow Globe Soap, and North Pole Soap. Northern Lights smells amazing! It is a fresh lemon that smells like the Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream which is amazing, this is my favourite soap of the three! Snow Globe is also lemon smelling, but it is more of a sweet smell, and smells like lemon boiled lollies, yum! North Pole is delicious smelling, it smells like choc-mint and I want to eat it. I love all of these soaps, and I wish they weren't limited edition!

I think I need to stock up on some of these Christmas Lush products! Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite Christmas Lush product?



    1. Get it! It leaves your skin smelling great!

  2. I have Ponche and it is my favourite at the moment!

  3. lush have such amazing gift sets at the moment! i love the festive cheer one :)

  4. I seriously want Father Christmas as it's full of so many glitters! Super jealous that you got LUSH as presents! Hope someone is as kind to me :)

  5. Ah, the Festive Cheer set sounds right up my alley! Ponche and Sandy Santa are at the top of my Lush holiday list (love spicy orange scents!), so nice to see them both nestled into one festive box :)


  6. Lush have the best gift sets. I just got Ponche yesterday and I'm loving it.

    Snow Fairy shower gel is probably my favourite Christmas product, with the Golden Wonder bath ballistic coming a close second.

  7. I've actually never tried any Lush products sadly! D: The Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub looks sooo cute though


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