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Bellabox December 2012

December 13, 2012

It's the last Bellabox for the year, and I think a lot of people were really curious about whether Bellabox will include some awesome Christmas surprises... Lets see!

This box isn't really Christmas themed, it's more saying Merry Christmas and we have included a Christmas present... which is exciting!

Here is what is included in the box and all of the details...

In this months box there is a makeup palette worth $110, and the rest are samples... who can complain about a box worth over $100? Definitely not me!

So here are the goodies, I'll start with the samples and go onto the palette, because I start getting a little photo crazy with the palette :P

Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream 5ml sample: I got this in the scent Sweet Apple and Grapefruit, and it smells amazing! It smells like the DKNY Be Delicious perfume, which I am a huge fan of. It is a pretty light moisturiser, but sinks into my skin quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue. I also love the cute little square tub it comes in, I will be keeping this to store my samples.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream 30ml sample: Firstly I will start by saying that 30ml is a great sized sample, no doubt I will be able to get many uses out of this. I have tired a sample from the Frizz-Ease range before, and I wasn't a fan because I found that it weighed down my hair and I ended up having to wash it out... but I will give this a go and then edit in what I think.

Emergin C Multi-Fruit Cleanser and Protocell Cream 3ml samples: I am not the biggest fan of sachet samples, because they can get quite messy if they are more than one use, but I might be able to stand these up on the sink and hopefully it won't be too bad. I love trying new skincare, especially expensive skin care, because I doubt I would want to spend $119 on the full size of the Protocell Cream without knowing I love it. I will edit in a review as soon as I try these.

Compeed: This is a patch that is designed to prevent blisters and to heal old blisters, and it can stay on for uo to 3 days. I like this concept because often I do get blisters, and I find that bandaids don't stay on very well and don't do the job. I won't open this until I need it, but I think there is only one patch in the sachet, which is odd because I find that if I have a blister on one foot, I usually have it on the other foot too.

Savoir Faire Limited Edition Kit in Pour Etre Desiree (Summer): This is the full size makeup palette that retails for $110 at the Bellabox online store. This comes in either Summer or Winter, and I got Summer. Both palettes seem quite comparable, I like the look of the lipgloss in Summer more, but the look of the blush in Winter more, and both palettes contain some bright shades and some neutral shades of eyeshadows.

So this is the Summer palette, it contains six eye shadows, a peachy lip gloss, a bronze blush, and a black eye liner and black mascara.

Summer eyeshadow swatches without flash
Summer eyeshadow swatches with flash
The eye shadows are very pretty and easy to use. The formula is very soft and the pigmentation varies between the shades. The red, brown, silver and blue have the best pigmentation, the gold is the sheerest, and the black is the least pigmented. All of these shades are very shimmery, and the silver and blue have quite large chunks of shimmer that could create fall out. Overall, these are pretty nice shadows and should be easy to work with. My favourite shades are the brown, the gold and I have high hopes for the silver as a highlight.

Summer palette: eye liner, lip gloss, blush heavily swatched and blended - without flash
Summer palette: eye liner, lip gloss, blush heavily swatched and blended - with flash
I find that this shade of the blush would be quite difficult to pull off unless you have quite dark skin. However it does have a really pretty copper/bronze shimmer that the swatches don't do justice. I will most likely use this as a shimmery bronzer or as an eye shadow. 

The lip gloss is a sheer peach shade with a lot of shimmer. It smells like vanilla and tastes really sweet. It is a thick and sticky gloss though, so it's not really my cup of tea, but it does last a reasonable amount of time on your lips. 

I haven't yet tried the mascara or eye liner on my eyes, but I think they will be great to throw in my makeup bag since they are so small. The eye liner isn't as pigmented as I normally like, but it's ok.

Overall this is a great value Bellabox, it is nice that they included such an expensive palette, and managed to add some skincare, haircare and body products to balance the box out. I am looking forward to using the palette, but I think this would be a palette that I will keep for weekends away.

Thanks Bellabox!

If you wanted to sign up to Bellabox, the boxes cost $15 each month and you can sign up here.

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  1. What a great Bellabox! The Savoir Faire definitely makes it amazing- the bronze and silver eyeshadows I quite like, and the blue is nicely pigmented. I agree with you about samples in a sachet- it really does get messy if you try to keep them when you want to use it more than once!

  2. that is the best bellabox i have seen in ages! i have been uming and ahing over weather to subscribe or not,i think this has made my mind up! thanks for sharing kat :)

  3. The eyeshadows in your palette are lovely (that teal colour!!), as is the lipgloss. I got the winter palette. I'd love to see what eye looks you can create with yours. I love the sound of the hand cream too! I got the 'ocean mist' one and it smells a bit too florally for me, pity it's so expensive to buy full size (even though it's a great cream).

  4. I felt the same way about the blister thing, I usually have more than one so it's a bit of a tease!

  5. Great review !

    I've never heard of this box but I love the items in it !!

    Have a warm weekend !



  6. This looks like a great Bellabox! The eyeshadows look beautiful. THats too bad that the John Freida wasn't too great on your hair, I personally really enjoyed it :(

  7. Yes! I love this, and am badly hoping I get the summer palette...


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