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4me Nail Polish Remover Pads review EDITED

December 9, 2012

I got these 4me Nail Polish Remover Pads from the November Bellabox (see review here), and I decided to give them a go today. These come in a really handy travel size container, which contains 30 pads, and these sell for $3.49. I have tried these types of pads before when I was traveling around China, and really disliked them, so I was curious to see how these Australian ones held up. It's also interesting to note that these are both acetone and alcohol free... which made me even more curious.

So each pad has a flat side and a bumpier side. I first expected these to be really wet, and when they felt quite dry I was a bit confused and I was convinced they wouldn't work. Once you start rubbing these onto your nail, oil starts seeping out of them, and surely enough it takes away your nail polish! The oils do smell kinda gross (in my opinion), and they do leave your hands pretty oily, but I guess this also conditions your nails and cuticles.

My nails went from this...
...to this
So you can see that this actually works (yay!). I used one pad to get off both of my hands, but it did require quite a bit of elbow grease towards the end... so I would suggest that you use one per hand. You can see from the photo above that it did leave quite a lot of oil on your fingers, but as long as this is good for your nails then that's not such a bad thing, just a slightly messy thing.

Used up nail polish remover pad
Ok so I am pretty impressed with these, they worked much more effectively than I thought. I personally like using nail polish remover and cotton balls, so I can't imagine this becoming my main method of removing nail polish, but these would be amazing for traveling, and they would also be perfect for people who have alcohol sensitivities or for people who have very dry and sensitive hands. $3.50 for 30 pads (which can either be 30 or 15 applications depending on how many coats of polish you use), is actually a very reasonable price. You can buy these from the Bellabox online shop.

Also if you want to join Bellabox, then sign up here.

EDIT: Ok so I have changed my mind about these! Originally I liked these, but I realised that the residue it leaves tends to eat away at varnish or plastic... so if you pick up your TV remote control or your camera while having this residue on your fingers, it will eat into it and leave a mark... and yes, I found out the hard way with both my remote control and my camera! Nail polish remover will also eat away at these, but because it dries almost instantly, its never an issue. I would not repurchase these because it can damage objects you touch!


  1. this seems to be amazing , but i don't think this brand is available here where i live ..

    Liyana ♥

  2. I received these as well, but they did not work for me! I was wearing a polish with tiny glitter particles in it at the time, so maybe I will try with a plain polish!

    Would love it if I could get them to work!

    Sharleena xx

  3. They sell something similiar at Kmart for $2

  4. I got these too and I actually really love them! I think they work great and smell better than normal nail polish remover.

  5. Although I really liked these, I think I prefer just regular nail polish remover. I agree that these will be great for traveling.

  6. I'm saving mine for when I travel :) I have a few of the Australis ones that the lady at Priceline gave to me for free. Thanks for the review though.. I think most people prefer ordinary nail polish remover but it was something nice to try in our Bellaboxes :)

  7. I love these but I wish I could just buy them from priceline!

  8. I didn't really like the oiliness of these but I thought they did a great job!

  9. Great review looks really good !!



  10. Omg they're acetone free? I should check these out!



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