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Sportsgirl Here Today Tanned Tomorrow Gradual Self Tanner - review

November 9, 2012

So earlier today I did a disappointing product review of a Face Of Australia instant tan (see review here), and I decided to show you what I used after I washed off that instant tan. I didn't want to leave people thinking that all affordable Australian tanning products are bad, so here's my review of Sportsgirls Here Today Tanned Tomorrow Gradual Self Tanner.

So you can buy this self tanner from Sportsgirl for $9.95, and this contains 200ml of product. I also really like the shiny packaging.

So this product is a gradual tanner, so you apply it like a moisturiser and over the next few hours it develops the colour. What I love the most about this product is that it has the nicest smell! It smells like vanilla caramel, and you can barely smell any fake tan smell at all! Every other tanning product I have used has that distinct fake tan smell, which can be quite embarrassing smelling like that because it shouts to the world that your tan is fake! But what I also noticed is that other products that claim not to have a fake tan smell, still do... but they just add other scents to it as well. It sort of reminds me of a smelly toilet, no matter how much air freshener you spray, it still smells like a gross toilet mixed with air freshener. This tanner has a delicious scent, and the fake tan scent only slightly appears after it has been fully developed... I put this on in the later afternoon and I smelt like delicious caramel all night, and then when I woke up I could smell a faint fake tan smell, but it washed off in the shower. This is the first fake tan that I have come across that smells nice!

How well does it work?...

So I only put the gradual tanner on my legs, and previously my legs were slightly darker than the inside of my arms... so it works pretty damn well. It also applies really evenly. My only possibly warning is that I think if you use this too often it may have the potential to make you look pretty orange.

If you want an affordable gradual tanner that leaves you smelling delicious... then try the Sportsgirl Here Today Tanned Tomorrow Gradual Self Tanner!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I need to check this one out once I've used up my Garnier :D (which smells like fruit!)

    1. I am keen to try the Garnier one too :)


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  3. thank you for the review.
    I got a question, do you rekon its the same as (might be the same but different packaging) ?


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