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Skin care rave: One Skin System: Renewal Cleanse and Daily Hydrate

November 1, 2012

If it weren't for Bellabox, I would never have heard of this brand. Last week on the Bellabox facebook page they advertised a One Skin System deal where if you bought a full size item from the One Skin System website, you get a Daily Hydrate moitsuriser for free (valued at $69). Of course I couldn't turn down a deal like that, do I decided to buy the Renewal Cleanse, which costs $29. Shipping was only $5. If you want to check out the One Skin System range then got to their website They also have a similar product to the Dermalogica microfoliant powder, which I might have to purchase next time I place an order!

So two days after I placed the order, the packaging arrived at my house... which was impressively fast, especially since they would have had an influx of orders that day. I was so impressed with how it arrived, the cleanser and moisturiser formed the Daily Skin Essentials pack which came in a really handy skincare bag and also contained a microfiber cleansing cloth (which is sooo soft!). This pack on the website costs $89, which saves you $9 off the price of the skincare, and you get a bonus microfiber cloth and the handy bag! In addition to the pack, I also got a cute little Argan Oil and gem stone in a matching little bag for ordering online (see photo below). I was literally smiling ear to ear when I opened this, it was such a nice way to receive a skincare order.

On a side note, I wanted to say that I really like that their phrase is "purity fused with science", I think that resonates well with me, because I am a bit of a science nerd, but I also love the idea of pure ingredients.

So this is what the boxes of the Renewal Cleanse and the Daily Hydrate look like. They both contain 50ml of product each. As you can see from the photo below, these products are free from all the nasty things, and being an animal lover I am really happy they don't contain animal products and palm oils. This also means that they are vegan friendly, which is great because I'm sure it's hard to get high quality skincare for vegans. In addition to all of that, they are Australian made and owned, and they are located in South Melbourne (Melbourne pride!).

I also really like the packaging of these products, it looks very modern and almost test tube-ish, but they have a handy pump applicator which you can twist to lock. The pump also doesn't dispense too much product, which is good because you don't need too much, and you wouldn't want to waste any extra.

Ok so I haven't used these products for a long period of time so this review is more of an initial impression, but so far I am very happy with these products! Sure these products aren't cheap, so you do want them to be good, but this is the first time I have used a cleanser and a moisturiser that left me noticing an instant change in my skin!

Renewal Cleanse:
This is what the One Skin System website says about this cleanser:

RENEWAL CLEANSE is an intense cellular clean that helps to eliminate impurities, remove dirt and makeup, dead skin cells, excess oils and pollutants.

Essential exfoliates detoxify and energise preparing skin for effective penetration of active ingredients within the ONE Skin System.

Highly concentrated formula fuses the purity of replenishing Australian Bush Tomato, purple Waterlily and passionflower extracts with the science of naturally derived bio-available acids and Proteolytic enzymes for a deeply concentrated cleanse.

  • Softens and refreshes as it deeply cleanses
  • Removes dirt and makeup
  • Protects skins natural oils
  • Helps to eliminate impurities
  • Promotes even skin tone and refined pores
  • pH balanced

So this cleanser is a cream cleanser, which I wasn't expecting, and I generally don't like cream cleansers because they don't really do much for my skin. This one however, is a concentrated cleanser with AHAs and BHAs... which are the acids that exfoliate your skin at the cellular level, and is what the expensive exfoliating serums tend to contain. This cleanser did not leave the horrible greasy film that I have come to associate with cream cleansers, instead this left my face feeling really clean, but not stripped of moisture. I would have to say that if any cream cleanser is going to convert me, it will be this one! It has the scent of purple waterlily and passionflower, but for me it smells like the Burt's Bees lemon cuticle butter, which I love.

Daily Hydration:
This is what the One Skin System website says about this moisturiser:

A synergistic fusion of bio-available natural ingredients in a luxuriously hydrating cream designed for daily use to retain moisture balance, enrich and protect. DAILY HYDRATE formulation contains a superior system of moisture retaining agents and organic ingredients to nourish and super hydrate the skin.

The purity of protective ocean extracts and the unique hydration ability of the Australian Desert Orchid fused with the science of bio-available vitamins, organic compounds, essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid provides the ultimate in skin moisturisation.

  • Leaves skin soft, hydrated, luminous and radiant
  • Nourishes and revives tired and dehydrated skin
  • Helps to plump up skin tissue, softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Protects against age related damage
  • Non-greasy and non-irritating and non pore blocking

What I instantly noticed about this moisturiser is that it absorbed into my skin beautifully and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. My skin felt soft and plump but it felt like normal skin... almost like I hadn't applied anything to my skin at all. This moisturiser has a soft scent of white flowers, which actually compliments the scent of the cleanser quite nicely.  My only problem with this moisturiser is that it does not contain SPF, so it will likely become a night moisturiser for me, or I may use it on days where I'm just going to work and won't be outside for a long period of time.

Left: Renewal Cleanse. Right: Daily Hydrate

One thing to note is that both these products look the same (both in product and packaging), so you do have to take note of what the bottle says before you use it.

Overall I am really happy that I stumbled across these products, I have noticed that my skin is much softer after using these. They aren't the cheapest skincare products, but if you like buying skincare from high end brands, I would recommend you trying One Skin System, because I am sure they are slightly cheaper than high end brands and you are also probably getting a better quality product. I think when I finish these products I might invest in the whole skincare system, which is a pack that contains both of these products, the scrub, the treatment, and the night replenishing oil, and costs a lot less than buying them individually. 


  1. Thanks for the review! I love how the brand is Australian made and in Melbourne :)

  2. I bought these items too because of the Bellabox deal. I really liked the cleanser. I haven't had enough time to decide how much, but initial reaction was really positive. I'm not as sold on the moisturiser, but that may be because I'm in love with my current one. How sweet was the obsidian gift?

    1. What moisturiser are you currently using? I think I was impressed because I really liked the finish it created... I need to see how I go with it over a longer period of time

    2. I use Clinque's Dramatically Different Mositurising Gel. I really like the texture of the gel versus a cream/lotion.

  3. These sound lovely, never heard of the brand before though :) Great review xx

  4. Are 'one skin system' out of business now?

    1. No idea! This post was from 3 years ago.


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