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October 2012 favourites

November 2, 2012

These favourites posts always creep up on me. I pretty much went around my bedroom and my bathroom with a box, and I put in anything that I had been really liking throughout October. I noticed that I tended to have categories this month, with a lot of my favourites being pastel nail polishes, blushes, and brown eyeliners. As I picked a lot more things than I usually include in these posts, I will try to make this brief. I also wanted to include a few more things, but because I got them in the last week or few days, they will have to wait for the November favourites. Warning, this is a photo heavy post.

So I have pretty much had a month of pastel nails, and these were my favourites... all of them were new for the month of October, and I also mentioned all of them in past posts.
Out of these nail polishes, the Sally Hansen, the MAC and the Femme Fatale probably are the most long wearing... but I am in love with the Face Of Australia Pastel range, and I have no doubt that by the end of November, I will have the whole set.

My most commonly used blushes were:
For every day I wore mostly the Innoxa blush or Blushing Rose.  I often would add the MAC blush on the tops of my cheeks almost as a highlight, because this blush creates an amazing mauve sheen to the tops of your cheeks... really pretty! The Jordana Sandalwood blush is definitely the most natural looking of the four, and I tended to wear this when I had a stronger eye or lip.

Swatches without flash. Left to right: Jordana Sandalwood, Innoxa Berry, Jordana Blushing Rose, MAC Full Of Joy

I pretty much used the same eye products on a daily basis this month... and only really changed it up if I was going out. I generally used the MAC mineralize eye shadow in Odd Couple, which I have had for a good two years, but haven't used it aaaages because it was hidden at the back of my drawer. I mainly only use the gold colour all over my eye and then I added a brown eye liner and mascara.

You can see how much I love this gold colour!

Left to right: MAC Odd Couple, MAC Fluidline in Avenue, Physicians Formula eyeliner, Smashbox eyeliner in Espresso

Swatched you can see that this gold colour is more of a shimmery taupe, for me it looks like a very nude colour, but adds a bit of brightness.

I was also a big lover of brown eyeliners this month. If I wanted a liquid liner look I would use the MAC fluidline in Avenue, which is a dark brown with a hint of gold glitter (I will aim to review my MAC fluidlines soon). If I wanted a shimmery pencil I used the Physicians Formula eyeliner... I am not sure what shade it is in, but it does say Nude Eyes on the pencil. I love this liner, it stays on all day and is super shimmery. If I wanted a non-shimmery pencil, I would use the Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner in Espresso.

Other makeup items I was loving:
  • Sportsgirl Bronze Me Bronzing Powder (see swatches below)
  • Estee Lauder lipstick in Crystal Pink (see swatches below)
  • Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Beauty blender sponge thing. I mainly used this to apply my Garnier BB cream, which is still my favourite foundation... but I put it in my September favourites so I won't show it again
  • Real Techniques Stippling Brush - once again, this is great for the Garnier BB cream.
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush - I use this for applying the Sportsgirl bronzer, since it applies a nice even amount all over your face. 
Sportsgirl Bronze Me
Sportsgirl Bronze Me
Sportsgirl Bronze Me swatch - heavy and blended in natural light
Estee Lauder Crystal Pink lipstick
Estee Lauder Crystal Pink lipstick

I love this Sportsgirl bronzer... it is huge, it is cheap ($14.95 for 21.5g), and it just works really well. I am pretty pale, so this is perfect for me because if you use a giant brush (like the Real Techniques Powder Brush) then you can apply it really lightly. I haven't used bronzer all year, but now that its getting warmer, I feel the need to match the weather.

I got this Estee Lauder lipstick in a pack, and I didn't like the look of it initially, but after I tried it I was so impressed! It is the nicest subtle pink lipstick... it is definitely a 'your lips, but a hundred times better' lipstick... I even went back and got a back up.

Oh and my favourite every day lip balm is by far the Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm... it is pepperminty and mentholy - I love it!

Lastly, skin care and perfume... and I forgot to add this hero into the photo, so it has a photo of its own:

My favourite skin type products are:
Ok so the Mario Badescu has become my all time favourite spot drying lotion, and when I do my top products of 2012, this will be in it... I can't talk it up enough. It clears up spots so effectively, and is so gentle. I love it.

I have been loving the Garnier scrub as a cleanser, because it foams up so well and really strips my makeup and gross oils away at the end of the day. Warning, this won't suit people with dry skin. Also it is a really poor scrub, so if you are looking for a scrub, don't buy this... but it is a great cleanser.

I got this Kosmea rose hip oil as a sample in this months Lust Have It box, and I have pretty much used it every night since. I also made by boyfriend use it last night... initially he was upset at me because he hated the smell, then about 5 minutes later he was like "hmmmm my face feels really nice", and then today he told me that he thought his skin was looking really good. That pretty much sums up this products... if my skincare dyslexic boyfriend likes it, then you probably will too!

My perfume of choice this month is the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. It is soft and slightly floral, and really suits warmer weather. I have also been receiving quite a few compliments on it.

Aaaanyway, I usually contain other favourites, like TV shows etc, but I did not expect this post to be so long. It is also 11pm at night and I have spent all day behind my laptop working on my take home exam, so I decided to include a photo of my cat instead!

Feel free to leave a comment about what your favourite product of October was, I would love to know what products you recommend checking out!


  1. Oooh, great list of products! I've been into pastel nail polishes lately too. Recently picked up Essie Mint Candy Apple, which I hope to feature on my blog soon! And what a cute kitty you have :)



    1. The swatches of Mint Candy Apple look epic! I actually don't have any Essie polishes :S

  2. I love DKNY fresh blossom ever since I got it as a birthday present! And Real Techniques are always a favorite. xx. I've been loving Revlon's Wine Not lipstick.

    1. Thats an awesome birthday present to get... I was thinking of maybe getting it for my sister for christmas! I haven't tried Wine Not, but I am assuming its a wine colour? they are my favourites lipstick shades at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  3. A Tisket, A Tasket is gorgeous. I haven't heard of Femme Fatale before. I've now added it to my list once my spending ban is finished. That and some wonderful brown eye liners. I'm keen to try something different from black and blue.

    1. I should start wearing blue eyeliner... I only ever wear brown and black. Yeah Femme Fatale is an Australian brand, I only came across them through other peoples reviews.

  4. The bornzer have a really nice color and pirgment!
    nice post i´m your new follower...


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  5. I lovethat EL lip pie, it looks beautiful! The Real Techniques stippling brush is my favourite to apply foundation with! And OMG your cat!! I miss mine in Brazil! followed you! xx


  6. Oh wow, so many products! Odd Couple looks gorgeous, love the gold colour :) I really want to try Mario Badescu products. DKNY Fresh Blossom is one of my favourite perfumes - especially for spring/summer.

  7. I love applying the new garnier bb cream with the real techniques stippling brush!



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