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Obsessive Compulsive Costmetics OCC Skin Primer and OCC Tinted Moisturiser in shades Y1 and Y2

November 5, 2012

Ok this may be a long review. I decided to order an OCC Primer and a Tint because I have been struggling with getting my foundation to last all day, even with a primer. I wanted a product that had a matching primer so they would hopefully work well together. In addition to that, I don't have any foundations that don't create any flash back in photos. I either have really matte finish foundations, or I have foundations with SPF.

I ordered the OCC Tint in the shade Y1 and Primer as a deal on the Lipstick Republic webiste, where if you bought one of the Tints you could get the Primer for 25% off... and I used the discount code RepublicVIBs for a further 10% off. So all up for one tint and primer I paid $49.29 including shipping, which is awesome as the Primer is $25 in the US and so is the Tint. Lipstick Public is a great site, not only do they sell these products for full price $27.50 (which is only $2.50 more than in the US), but they also have a great range of Lip Tars for $16, and the shipping was only $6.60, was tracked, and arrived two days after I placed the order. In addition to this, they threw in a little extra present with the order (which I will show later in this post).

Anyway, there are no OCC stores in Australia, so I had to rely on internet swatches. There are 12 shades in this range, 6 of them are yellow toned and 6 are red toned. The shades are drastically different - for example Y0 pretty much looks white, where as Y1 would comfortably suit a pale complexion, and it goes all the way to R5 that is a strong dark chocolate brown. I think the aim of these are to mix a couple to get your perfect shade. I generally use yellow toned foundations so I was umming and ahhing about whether to get Y1 or Y2... I ended up getting Y1 because I thought if I get one too light, I can always made it darker with bronzer, but if I get one too dark, I probably won't use it.

So the Y1 arrived in the mail, and sadly, it was waaaay too light... I didn't want to waste it so I ended up ordering Y2 as well, hoping that I was a nice mix between the two. As it happens, I am a perfect match for Y2, but I might only be a mix between the two in the dead of Winter. Luckily while I was waiting for Y2 to arrive, I started playing with Y1 and I realised that it works well as a base under your normal foundation to neutralise redness, also it is perfect to tone down some foundations that I bought when I was tanned, and haven't been able to wear recently... so all is not lost.

Anyway, I will go over a review of this product, and then talk about what it is like when you mix it with other foundations.

So these are both water based, so they are quite watery in texture, and the primer is a liquidy gel texture. The fact that these are both water based means that they should work really well together. This is what the OCC website says about these products:

OCC Tint is a high-opacity, adjustable coverage Tinted Moisturizer that features a unique moisturizing complex made from purified water, coconut and wild berry extracts. It's also free of oil, silicone, parabens and petroleum-derivatives - no small feat for any foundation product! In addition to being great for everyday use, OCC Tint also withstands the test of any professional medium. Prior to its release, OCC Tint was field-tested backstage for two seasons at both New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week where models were seen on the catwalk, photographed from the risers and simulcast live in Hi-Def, with pixel-perfect skin courtesy of OCC Tint.

OCC Primer: Designed to be applied with our #002 Foundation Brush, this lightweight lotion soothes and moisturizes, and creates a smooth surface for makeup to adhere to - an essential first step before applying airbrush makeup. Chamomile Extract soothes sensitive skin, while Cornflower Extract helps to keep moisture levels in check. Excellent as a combination moisturizer/primer for oil-rich skintypes. Also a phenomenal eye base for our Loose Colours, giving them incredible longevity. 

As you can see from the photos above, there is a huge difference between shades Y1 and Y2... so it may be very hard for people to find one shade that suits them perfectly, and may need to mix.

This product is quite strange, and I don't know if I like it or not yet. It has a light coverage that applies really evenly when buffed in with a stippling brush. I did find that it struggles to cling to my nose, and can be patchy, this means that I have to apply a little concealer on my nose for more coverage. This coverage can be built up slightly, but if you have problem skin and you prefer a full cover foundation, then this probably won't be enough for you. Luckily I have been going through a good skin period, and the coverage is fine. It does have a dewy finish, which I am very uncomfortable with being a combination/oily skinned person... however this does give a really nice healthy glow to your face. I do have to set this quite heavily with powder, and even when I do it still feels tacky on my skin throughout the day. I have only ever used this with the primer, so I find that it lasts pretty well, and the dewy appearance stays dewy until maybe the 7-8 hour mark which is when I start to look oily in the t-zone. A bit more powder and you are good to go for the rest of the night.

Since I did try Y1 with a few foundations while I was waiting for Y2 to arrive, I did notice that mixing this Tint tends to make other foundations look amazing! I used Y1 with a Revlon Color Match foundation that I have that is too dark, and I was super impressed with how flawless this combination was! I also use this with the Garnier BB Cream for Oily Combination skin, and it is fantastic! It adds a little more coverage, and adds a tiny bit of dewiness that looks stunning. I think I will get a lot of use of these foundations by mixing them with other foundations to get the right shade, but I will probably only use it on its own when I know there will be flash photography, or when I know I will only be wearing it for a couple of hours... it probably isn't the best daily foundation too because it does not contain SPF (which is why it also works well in photos).

Would I recommend this? Maybe. I think people who have pretty good skin, possibly leaning towards the dry side, will love this because it gives a "your skin but better" effect without looking like you are wearing heaps of makeup. If you have a sensitivity to silicone or are vegan, then you would also love this foundation. I would mainly recommend these to adjust other foundations, if you are really light and find it hard to find a shade that suits you, I would recommend getting shade Y0 or R0 to lighten your normal foundation, or if you can't get a shade dark enough for your skin then get shade Y5 or R5 to darken it. I am sure I will use these up, but I am yet to decide whether I would repurchase.

Speaking of purchasing OCC, I thought I would say a quick word about Liptsick Republic.... firstly they are a local company that ships super quickly, for a pretty low cost of postage... but they also have a really good range of OCC liptars for the same price as in the US. They also have Lime Crime and a few other good brands. I thought I would mention this, because I know how hard it is to get OCC and Lime Crime in Australia, and I also know that Lime Crime don't send their nail polishes outside of the US, but Lipstick Republic sells them! So if you wanted to get your hands on some then check them out here at the Lipstick Republic website, for $9.99 each.

Also Lipstick Republic are having a 15% off sale until the 11th of November with the discount code 500LikesSale

When I received the two purchases, I also received a Lime Crime eye primer sample with the first order, and two NYX pencils with the second order, which was a really nice surprise! I am really excited to try the primer, as I have been wanting to try it for quite some time, and this sample contains quite a lot of product, so I should be able to give it a good try!

Have you tried OCC foundations? What do you think?


  1. Wow got to love good customer service! I'll have to check out Lipstick republic now :)

    1. They have a pretty limited range of brands, but some of the products are hard to get in Aus :)

  2. I remember the OCC Tints got huge raves when they first came out. They look like amazing products, sadly I've only ever owned one tinted moisturizer and didn't really love it all that much. x

    1. Yeah I am the same, being an oily/combination skinned gal... but these do look really nice, I'm just not comfortable with a dewy feel

  3. Hi! Im just stopping by to let you know that I have tagged you to do the Beauty Bloggers Tag. You can see the tag on my blog which I will link below. Happy Blogging!


    1. Thanks! I am in the process of doing it... It's taking longer than I though :)

  4. I haven't tried anything from OCC yet... have been trying to put off ordering from them for a while - their packaging is great and I can't remember how long I've been lusting after their lip tars now. Great review!

    1. Lip Tars are amazing... fiddly and a bit messy to apply, but amazing!

  5. Thanks for the helpful, thorough review! Glad you've been able to make these work for you. The tinted moisturizer doesn't sound ideal for oilier skin types, but I love the idea of mixing them with more matte/opaque foundations to add some dewiness! Great tip :)



    1. Thanks... I have oily skin too... and its hard to find a tinted moisturiser than I can make work!

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