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MUA Love Heart Lip Balms in Kiss Me and Great Lips - review and swatches

November 19, 2012

I have had these balms for a little while now, and I decided to review them today because MUA is having a 35% of all products until the 23rd of November, with the code MUA35, and this also gives you free world wide shipping! Make sure you visit the MUA website if you are interested in getting affordable makeup at an even cheaper price.

Each of these Love Heart lip balms cost £2.00 (around $3) full price, so even if you miss out on the code, they are still really affordable.

There are 5 shades available, and I got the shades Kiss Me which is the red balm, and Great Lips which is the nude of the 5 shades. I like the packaging, it's very minimal without any added bulk, and the lid looks like a candy heart, which is very cute. If you don't like pot set balms, then don't get these... but I really like having one in my hand bag.

Both of these balms also have a vanilla scent to them, which to me smells exactly like vanilla candles. They also contain 10g of product, which will last quite a long time.

As you can see from the swatches above, these glosses actually do contain quite a bit of colour. The red is more of a jelly looking balm, as it contains no white pigment, and looks really shiny. The nude looks more creamy and looks a little less glossy. They both have the same consistency, and aren't at all sticky. 

MUA Kiss Me
This Kiss Me balm gives a really nice colour to the lips, and you can sheer it down a little if you want less colour. This is a great balm to give a subtle pop of colour during the day.

MUA Great Lips

I think of the two, this is my favourite. This balm looks quite light when swatched on my arm, but because it is quite sheer this would suit most lip colours. I find this is a great "my lips but better" balm, and suits all occasions.  

These balms last on your lips for a good couple of hours if you don't eat or drink... but if you do eat of drink, these will wear off very quickly. The colour of the Kiss Me shade tends to last much longer than Great Lips, but that is mainly because it is darker. These aren't the most nourishing lip balms, and I would liken them more to a lip gloss - so I wouldn't turn to these if you have badly chapped lips, they are more for making your lips look good. 

  • Affordable
  • Contain a lot of product
  • Easy to apply
  • 5 shades to choose from
  • Smells like vanilla
  • Formula is not sticky
  • Aren't super long lasting
  • Aren't really a balm, more of a gloss

Will you be buying anything from the MUA sale? I have reviewed many MUA products in the past, so if you want to see some of their other products reviewed, make sure you click on the MUA label along the right side of my blog.


  1. Love these lip balms! They are super cute packaging also which is a bonus :)
    I've been using MUA for a while now, I think their stuff is great value for money (especially their eyeshadows)!
    I made a huge order on the 13th with the discount code, then their website was down and they still haven't sent my order or responded to my email :( hoping they do soon because I cannot wait xo

    1. Yeah I have a huge MUA collection. I don't think I will buy much during this sale, because I already have SO much from them. I love the eyeshadows the most too.... and their pressed powders Such good value for money!

  2. oh these are pretty. I think i have seen some reviews on MUA but I dont really know much about their products i might have to check out some of your previous posts.
    I'll definitely be checking the website out
    thanks for this xx

  3. Too bad theyre not long lasting!! :( They look great on you though.

    The Misty Mom

  4. OMG! love the packaging, so cute <3
    thanks for the review.


  5. The packaging made my night! xxx

  6. The packaging is gorgeous, I especially love the look of the nude one

  7. how cute are these! i like the nude one :) although i would buy these just for the packaging lol

  8. What adorable packaging! I really have to try out some MUA products one of these days :)


  9. Oh the lip balms are so cute! I just received my MUA products and I'm really wishing I got a lipbalm :(


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