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Mirenesse in Woman's Day

November 12, 2012

Last week Woman's Day was giving away Mirenesse Lip Glosses with their magazine in Woolworth stores. I ended up picking up two of these lip glosses, which were valued at $39.95 each. I got these at the end of the week, so I was unable to do a blog post in time to tell you guys about it...

But if you did miss it, I have good news! This week with Woman's Day you get a free nail polish (worth $29.95) with the magazines at Coles stores! I picked up one of these, and I might go back and get another one later in the week. Woman's Weekly magazines cost $4, so its a pretty good deal!

The nail polish I got was shade 9 Burlesque Strip, which is a super bright red. There are 7 shades to choose from. One slightly annoying thing is that the sticky tape that holds this to the magazine actually pulls of the front label when you try to take off the sticky tape... so I just left the sticky tape on.

The two lip glosses I got were in the shades 41 and 42. Shade 41 is a nice light coral with a slight shimmer, and shade 42 is a dark almost neon coral pink colour... the photos don't do this shade justice!

Single swipe of shade 41 and 42

These are the glosses on the lips, you will see that they have a pretty good amount of colour, and they are also a very shiny gloss... these are pretty thick, and a little bit sticky. They do last a few hours, and shade 42 does end up sheering out and looks more like a tinted gloss/stain after a few hours (see photo below).

I will do swatches of this nail polish later in the week. Are you planning on heading to Coles this week to grab one of these magazines?


  1. I love the look of 42! I was looking for it at woolies but I felt silly trying to peel the lipgloss back a little bit so I could see the number haha I only ended up getting 41.

    1. I had to do a bit of peeling back too... luckily I was there with a friend so we both looked silly. We bought three in one transaction and the lady said "you do know these are all the same magazine" :P

  2. I got the lip gloss and nail polish too. Last week, Big W also had Mirenesse eyeliner with their copies of Woman's Day. My label came off the nail polish as well. I had top coat near by so I just used that to stick it back on!

    1. good work with sticking it back on! Oh the eyeliners would have been good!


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