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Mini Mirenesse Haul - Lip Bomb in shade 9 and 11, and Marble Mineral Blush in shade 1 Paros Pink

November 21, 2012

A month or so ago, I placed an order for a few Mirenesse products. I think Mirenesse is a pretty expensive brand, so I don't tend to take too much notice of their products, but I saw that they were having $50 off any order over $100 as a facebook 50,000 likes deal, I thought I should take a look at their website. If you spend over $100 you also get free shipping. I decided to order a lip gloss duo pack, which contained a nude and a light pink, which cost $54.60 and I decided to get a shimmery blush/face powder which cost $47.60. With the $50 off, this all cost $52.20.

I got the Marble Mineral Blush in the shade 1 Paros Pink. I don't know if I ordered this expecting it to be a highlighter or a blush... I suppose it can be used as both. It is pretty subtle as well so if you wanted to use this as an overall face shimmer, I suppose you could do that as well. I like the packaging, it has a good size mirror and has a secure clip. I think the sponge is a bit of a waste, as people don't tend to apply blush with a sponge. The metalic container is a little strange, as it has a pink colour to it, it seems like they wanted to make it rose gold, but never quite got there.

In the swatch it looks very subtle, but I used it today and it actually has enough pink in it to make a nice shimmery blush. I don't know if this will emphasise pores in some people, as this generally does not happen with me. This works well as a subtle blush, or can be used over another blush to add a shimmer.

I got these two "Lip Bombs" in a duo pack that contains shades 9 and 11. I was drawn to the nudeness of them, as I need nice work appropriate lip colours - generally I go for bright colours and get little wear of them. Shade 9 is a nice light pink, which is probably the lightest bold shade that I can get away with before it makes me look ill. Shade 11 is the nude brown, and I was hoping that it would be more nude, but it actaually applies as a darkish brown. The label says that this needs to be used in 6 months - that is far too short in my opinion.

The applicator is a little strange (see photo above), and I don't know why it is this shape. I do find that because of the thinner part in the middle, this tends to gather a lot of product, and it makes it hard to apply a small amount to your lips - and this stuff is super pigmented so you do only need a little! I do like the packaging though, the pointed lid is pretty unique and is easy to spot in your lip gloss collection.

You can see how pigmented this gloss is from the swatch above, which is one swipe of the gloss. I would describe this product as being more of a liquid lipstick. It does last quite a few hours without eating, but comes off pretty quickly once you eat. This does stay on well while drinking. This gloss does look great on the lips, is very pigmented, is quite glossy, and is not sticky. It also makes your lips tingle a little when you first put it on, so I am sure it has some plumping effect.

You can see how flattering these glosses are on the lips, and even though shade 11 is very brown, it can work with a nude eye and a bronzy cheek. I did wear this one day recently and my boyfriend said he really liked the colour.

Overall I am quite happy with what I bought... I am not sure whether I would have paid the full price for these, and they aren't holy grail items, but I am definitely looking forward to getting some use out of these.

Have you tried any Mirenesse products, what do you think of them?


  1. They look nice, although I don't think I would have paid full price either... I like Mirenesse though I think they think too much of themselves lol! If that makes sense!
    I do love the lippies, I'd buy them with a discount I think :)

    1. I can't agree more, they are expensive and exclusive... But for no reason!

  2. That brown colour looks a lot better on the lips than in the swatch haha!

    1. Yeah it does, it would be much nicer if it were a tiny bit pinker... I have been mixing the two shades

  3. The lip glosses are really nice colours and don't look too glossy (which I would prefer). Essence lip glosses have the same kind of applicator and I quite like it.
    I haven't bought anything from Mirenesse, and I wouldn't unless they had a good sale.

  4. I bought the Lip Bomb in 11 because it was $15 or so and came with four 'mystery gifts' (see my post about the gift...), but I haven't used it yet. The swatch had me worried a lot and I am a bit skeptical if it will look okay on my lips. It's crazy how different the shade looks from the bottle to skin. I've been thinking about the blush and I think I may get it when a decent sale arises. Thanks for the review!

  5. I think Mirenesse have cheapened their image by offering so many sales, discounts and being freebies on magazines. They do it so much that there's no point in ever paying full price for anything. I do like their eyeshadows though!

  6. I've never heard of Mirenesse before - so your post was insightful ;) They look to be nice products, but I don't know if I'd pay full price for them. I did really like the look of the lipglosses though :) (however what is up with those applicators? Strange...) xxx


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