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Marc Jacobs DOT perfume pack

November 16, 2012

I'll start by saying that I have a very good boyfriend! I have been wanting this DOT perfume for a while now, and I'm not a huge perfume fanatic, so it's rare for me to really want a perfume. A few months ago my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said I wanted the DOT perfume. Well I finished my last exam yesterday morning, and if all goes to plan and I didn't fail anything *knock wood*, I've finished my degree (YAY), so my boyfriend came home from work yesterday with a present... and it was the perfume! Poor guy now has no idea what to get me for Christmas :p

So he got me the box that comes with the 100ml perfume and a 150ml body lotion. I haven't yet used the lotion, but I am looking forward to smelling like DOT from head to toe! I also really like the box it comes in, it's quite sturdy - like a gift box, so I will no doubt use it for jewelry or makeup storage.

I am really bad with describing scents, but it would suit people that like sweet scents. Unlike other sweet scents, like the Brittney Spears perfumes, this is quite a grown up sweet scent. It is a perfume that I would be happy to wear to work or nice events without feeling like a child that smells like lollies. 

This is what the Marc Jacobs website says about it:
Features top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine and base notes of driftwood for a bold, feminine scent. 

This definitely has a fruity berry scent with floral notes, but I find that the floral is not at all over powering, which is good because strong floral scents make me quite nauseous.

The bottle is super cute, and is clearly inspired by lady bugs. I love the bottle, and although the lid is quite impressive, it is not the most practice lid if you want to take it traveling. This will sit very nicely amongst my perfume collection.

Have you tried DOT? Whats your favourite perfume of the moment?


  1. The packaging is gorgeous, so endearing :3 You do indeed have a marvelous boyfriend.

    My current favourite perfume is Gucci Guilty - I have many samples from the last fashion show I went to, and have been using them pretty regularly.


  2. mu current favorite is Daisy eau so fresh, also from MJ.. it's really made my day XD

    i wondering how MJ body lotion is.. moisturizing enough or just like another perfumed body lotion? less moist more perfume-y?
    *kindly answer once you try it, thank youuu ^^

  3. What a cute set! Marc Jacobs always gets the design of his fragrances just right. Right now my favourite scent is Tocca Brigitte, a gorgeous spicy floral :)


    1. I have never heard of that perfume! I am curious to try it :)


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