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MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows in the shades Twilight Falls and Daylight

November 15, 2012

I have had these MAC mineralize eye shadows for a while, and I am finally getting around to swatching them! I bought both of these at the Estee Lauder Corporate Store a while back (see haul post here), I showed the darker shade in that haul, and then my friend was going to the Corporate Store a week later, and because I liked the dark one so much, I asked her to pick me up a lighter one. I bough these for $16 each, but I believe that in Australia these cost around $40. That sounds like a lot, but these contain 2.2g of product, and the normal MAC eye shadows in Australia cost $33 for 1.5g of product - so these mineralize eye shadows cost around $18 per gram, but the normal eye shadows cost $22 per gram. You can also use these both dry and wet, unlike normal eye shadows. These shades were limited edition (sorry), but you may be able to find these cheap floating around the internet.

Look how pretty these are! Twilight Falls is a shimmery shadow that has veins of taupe/purple, bronze, and a dark green and mixed together it creates a dark cool toned taupe that contains fine turquoise and copper shimmer. Daylight has veins of lavender and peachy pink, and mixed together it makes a cool toned silvery pink with a rose gold-ish shimmer. 

Swatches without flash. Left - Twilight Falls. Right - Daylight
Swatches with flash. Left - Twilight Falls. Right - Daylight

Twilight Falls is a really stunning colour for a smokey eye look. I adore taupe shades, and this is the type of dark colour I love to wear. The only thing I don't like about this shadow is that I can normally wear shimmery dark brown shades all over my lid without much effort, but this one makes my eyes look a bit dirty... you definitely need to pair this with a lighter colour and a strong eyeliner to make it work. 

Daylight swatches to be quite a nude colour, and this is the type of colour I would use with a bit of mascara for a "no makeup" makeup look. I also like that it has a mauve tone to it, as this tends to compliment brown eyes well.

I did my makeup using these two colours today, I think these shades are very pretty and work well together. I have only worn these dry, so I'm not sure what they will be like wet, but these do apply very easily without any fall out, they also apply evenly and the colour pay off is good. These are designed to be a sheer, so if you do want them to be stronger you will have to apply them wet. These do crease after a day of use, but if you use primer then there are no creasing issues.

Do you own any MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows?


  1. Those colours look so beautiful together. I love the brown!! I do have one of these eyeshadows, I got it when it came it...trying to remember where I put it. I think it was a pink with gold in it...hmm..

    1. Haha, yeah that happens when you have a big make up collection... its fun discovering things that you forgot you had though

  2. I like these two colors! they are so pretty and the colors are complement each other.

  3. The only mineralise eye shadows I have from MAC is a trio in Love to Love from the In The Groove collection. I have only used one colour in the trio :/


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