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Korres Strawberrynet specials

November 12, 2012

If you have ever wondered how I get my Korres products so cheap... this is how! Strawberrynet.com often have epic Korres sales, and they are having a big Christmas sale at the moment!

Check out the makeup deals here
Check out the skincare deals here

I am planning on ordering a pack or two, or three... but I thought I should share them all with you too :)


  1. Im buying two of the $10 sets cause I have been dying to try the lip butters! $20 for 2 (one alone in Australia is $19 right?! )... plus heaps more! I am so excited!

    1. yeah I am going to buy that pack too... maybe two of them, one for me and maybe one for a christmas present, or for a give away :P


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