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Bellabox vs Lust Have It

November 2, 2012

I thought I would do a quick post to compare the beauty subscription boxes, Bellabox and Lust Have It. This isn't a critique of the actual boxes themselves, because they do vary each month, and what you think of each box depends on your preferences. This is a post about some basic information that you may want to know if you are thinking of subscribing.

Since I am an annual subscriber, I am not sure when the monthly payments for Bellabox or Lust Have It come out peoples accounts... so if anyone knows, can you please comment so I can include that information. Thanks :)

Also, if you think there is something I should add, just let me know!


  • Per month $15 including shipping. Can unsubscribe at any time.
  • $165 for an annual subscription (12th month free).

The Box
  • 5+ luxury beauty products (samples and full size products) in each box
  • Comes in a box
  • Each month the box is themed - eg Pretty in Pink, Spring, Green
  • A couple of different boxes released each month, what box you get depends on the preferences you choose when you fill out your beauty profile. You can change your preferences in the My Account section of the website at any time (see example below)

Other Boxes Available
Men's box, Baby box

Brand Partners
A'kin, Adorn Mineral Cosmetics, Almay, Alpha-H, American Crew, Aramis, Aurora Spa, Australis, Aveeno, Batiste, Bacter of California, Be in Awe, Beauty Mate, Bellamer, Benefit, Bioderma, Biore, Biotherm, Biotherm Homme, Bloom, Bobbi Brown, Bourjois, Carla Oates Beauty, Carman's, Carmex, Cedel, Chocolatier, Clinique, Compeed, Comvita, DKNY, Elf, Eau Thermale Avene, Elemis, Primaria, Emergin C, Erborian, Ermengildo Segna, Estee Lauder, Eye of Horus, Eylure Party Perfect, Face Of Australia, Facial Fresh, Faulding, Faust's Potions, Fendi, Finding Form, Fing'rs, First Aid Beauty, FlockStocks, Forula 10.0.6, Gatineau, Geo F Trumper, Givenchy, Glamorous Minerals, Glamourflage, Goe Oil, guerlain, Harmonts Kiss, Herban Essentials, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Inika, innoxa, Jack Black, Jesus Del Pozo, Jurlique, Kenzo, King of Shaves, Klorane, Kosmea, Kyoku, La Perla, Lab Series, Lancome, Laqa&Co, Laviol Organic, Le Tan, Little Innoscents, Lqd, Luk Beauty Food, Lush, Me Me Me, Milk, Miller Harris, Mode Cosmetics, Model Co, MOR, Nail Dress, Nak, Napoleon, Natural Kids, Neutrogena, Nivea, Nutri Synergy Natural Therapeutic + Dermatology, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, One Skin System, OP Therapy, Organic Rosehip Skincare, Orofluido, Ozotic, Palmers, Panda Pen, Pangea Organics, Perfumies, Phytocare, Phytomer, Planet Eve, Press & Go, Prestige Pure Fiji, Puretopia, Royal Moroccan, Sally Hansen, Sanctum, Sasy n Savy, Savoir Faire, Schick, Sebastian, Silk Oil of Morocco, SkinVitals, Soleo Organics, Sparoma, Sranrom, Star & Rose, Studio Skinky, Swiss, Terax, The Body Shop, The Chocolate Box, The Eyelift Kit, The Nappy Experts, Tous, True, Twistband, U Little Beauty, Ulta3, Uspa, Violent Lips, Vitaman, Wine Wipes, Wot Not, Yes To, You Me & Every Body

  • Generally arrives in the second week of the month
  • Postage is tracked, and you will receive an email with the tracking details once it has been shipped.

Feedback System
  • About a week after receiving your box, you can log into your account and give feedback on each item separately. This allows you to review the individual products you want to review, instead of making you review every item in that box.
  • You do not have access to reviewing items that you did not receive. 
  • For each product you review, you get 5 points, which means you can potentially get 25-40 points if you review every item you received that month.

  • You can accumulate points by completing surveys, by spending money in the online store, or through buying each monthly box (15 points per box). 
  • For every dollar you spend you get a point, and 100 points = $10. So once you accumulate enough points, you can put them towards buying items from the online store.
  • You get 15 points per box, even if you buy an annual subscription. So it takes the full 12 months to get your 165 points. 
  • You can also get 50 points per friend you recruit

The Website and Facebook Page 

  • The website has quite a lot of features. It allows you to log in and see what products you have received in each box, and it gives you the option to buy these items... and if you buy the full size version of a product that you received in a Bellabox, then shipping is free!
  • You can access a lot of information through My Account section (see photo below)
  • You can get points for referring friends - 50 points per friend.
  • The facebook page contains weekly competitions, and also releases discount codes from brands they are associated with (see review of a One Skin System deal here

Online Shop
  • Great online shop - contains all of the products that are featured in the boxes and more!
  • Shipping $6, or free if you order a product that you received in a monthly box.

Lust Have It

  • Per month $14.95 including shipping, you can unsubscribe any time (this has since increased to $19.95 per month)
  • These also come in a 12 month subscription ($220) or a 6 month subscription ($119) - use the code KITSCH for $5 off your first box.

VIP Membership

The Box
  • 5 to 6 premium sized beauty samples (includes samples and full sized products), often includes discount vouchers
  • Generally comes in a makeup bag (this has since changed to a box)
  • Occasional extra product of gift for annual subscribers
  • A couple of different boxes released each month, what box you get depends on the preferences you choose when you fill out your beauty profile.

Other Boxes Available
Eco Box and Bridal Box

Brand Partners
Glasshouse Fragrances, Davroe, Model Co, Dermalogica, Kerastase Paros, Bio Effect, Klorane, Kosmea, Pure Fiji, Urban Rituelle, Matrix, Baby Foot, Say It With Scent, Taut, Star & Rose, Mask In A Cup, Rubi Fresh Skincare, Sasy n Savy, moxie, Avene, Shiseido, Karpati, Elizabeth Arden, Lqd, Appelles, Lancome, Aromatherapy Associatives, Md Formulations, Lapurete, Avado, Bioderma, Mirenesse, Laura Mercier, Burt's Bees, Jurlique, Lush, LonVitalite, Nougat, Nude By Nature, De Lorenzo, 1 Skin Solution, Wet n Wild, Decleor, Lime Lily Cosmetics, Live Clean, Dy Hauschka Skin Care, Spa Fresh Blends, Tigi, Evo, Naked Tan, Beauty Snapz, NYX, Marc Jacobs, Batiste, Caron, Sheer Cover, Montaser, Uandi, AUM, Wicked Wix, Sranrom, KMS California, lash Republic, ROC

  • Generally arrives in the last week of each month
  • Postage is not tracked, but you can see if it has been shipped through your account on the website

Feedback System
  • A few weeks after the box has been released you are able to complete a feedback survey, you will generally receive an email telling you that the feedback survey is open.
  • The survey asks you to give feedback on every item that you received in the box. 
  • By completing the survey you get 10 points, and occasionally they will triple your points, or send you out a gift, if you are within the first 100 or 300 people to fill out the survey.

  • You can accumulate points by completing surveys, by spending money in the online store, or through buying each monthly box (15 points per box). 
  • For every dollar you spend you get a point, and 100 points = $10. So once you accumulate enough points, you can put them towards buying items from the online store.
  • With Lust Have It, if you buy an annual subscription you will be given 160 points, this is different from Bellabox which gives you 15 points each month, even if you have paid for an annual membership.

The Website and Facebook Page
  • The website doesn't have the best design and you can only access subscription information and rewards information in the My Account section
  • Unlike the Bellabox site, you can't see what past boxes you've received, and you can't get points for referring friends. 
  • The facebook page is quite good, Lust Have It always replies quite quickly to comments.
  • The Lust Have It page occasionally has competitions, but they don't tend to release any discount codes from brands they are associated with.

Online Shop
  • The Lust Have It online shop is very limited, and does not contain all the items that you receive in each monthly box. This can make it difficult if you want to buy the full size version of what you received.
  • $9.95 shipping

What do I recommend? I like both boxes, and I find that the differences between the websites and the shipping etc, is really not a big deal. Both of these subscription boxes are great value for money, and is an awesome way of trying to products. If you don't like trying new things, and you only want specific brands or items, then neither of these are for you. If you are unsure which to go with, I would suggest that you look at the bands that each subscription box is associated with, and if you like the look of one list over the other, then choose that. Also do some research and see what some of the past boxes include. The Bellabox website has a list of all of the past boxes, and you can also look at peoples blog reviews.

To sign up to Bellabox --- click here
To sign up to Lust Have It --- click here


  1. I'm subscribed to Bellabox and have been in a love&hate relationship with it, and I want to check out the Lust Have It box as well. Do you think it's worth being subscribed to both?

    x Court

    1. Yes if you want to decide which one you prefer, but you definitely don't need to be subscribed to both over a long period of time... It's samples overload!


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