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Bellabox November 2012

November 16, 2012

I have been waiting for my Bellabox all week (even though it was only shipped on Wednesday), and it has finally arrived, YAY! Ok normally I go over the products and I show the card that comes in the box which explains the products and shows the cost of the full size version... my box this month didn't have that card, so we are on our own!

Edit: Bellabox emailed me the information card

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack sample- this is a two step pore trip, where you have one mask to remove the back head and white heads and a mask to close the pores and clam the skin. I am keen to use this, and according to the Bellabox website, a pack of 10 of these cost $21.99, so I am interested if they are any different to the normal pore strips.

Dr LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Primer sample and Foundation sample in Beige - I love to try primer and foundation samples because I hate it when you buy an expensive primer and you don't like it. I do think Beige might be a bit dark for me, so I might save this for summer.

Dr Lewinn's Facial Polishing Gel sample - I have used this before, and it was ok, but I wasn't the biggest fan, and I don't think its worth the money. I will probably keep this sample for when I go on holidays or something. See my review of this product here.

Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin F and Pomegranate sample - this is one of the things I am most excited about in this box! Not only did I realise the other day that I have run out of little hand creams for my hand bag, but I just tried this and it leaves a very good first impression! Not only does it smells amazing, almost like the zingy lemon smell of Burt's Bees Cuticle Butter, which is the most amazing skin care smell ever, but it is thick but sinks into your hands really quickly without being greasy. The fact that I can comfortably type this blog post without getting greasy cream all over my laptop, is a good trait in a hand cream. I don't know how much the full size costs, but I will look out for this in the future!

4me Nail Polish Remover Pads full size - this is the first full size item of the month, and I am curious to try these. The last nail polish remover pads I used was in Shanghai, and it took me about half an hour to get all of my nail polish off. This contains 30 pads and is alcohol and acetone free... I am curious to see how good these are! The Bellabox site sells these for $3.49

Bioderma Sebium H2O 20ml sample - FINALLY! I have been looking to try this for a long time now, and this is the sample that I am most excited to try this month! If I love it, I am definitely using my Bellabox points and buying the full size! I will keep you guys posted!

Palmolive Body Butter Body Wash 50ml sample - this is a very cute sample size for body wash, and because it is so cute I will probably save this for when I go away. I got the mango scent, and I believe you can also get a strawberry one - since strawberry is my favourite flavour for lollies and ice cream etc, I would have much preferred to get that one... but I will no doubt use this sample up!

B By Bloom Col.lecta Colour Cheek Tint in the shade Napa Valley full size - last but not least it the second full size item, and the only makeup product. According to the Bellabox site, this product costs $19.95, so it alone has made this box good value for money.  This shade is a very shimmery nude, and it may work more as a highlighter on me. I will no doubt get a lot of use out of this, and I think it's a great addition to the box as it could work as a shimmery nude blush on pale skinned people, and as a highlighter on tanned or darker skinned people.

Overall I am happy with this box, I am most happiest with the Bioderma, the hand cream and the cheek tint, but I will no doubt use all of these products up. Good box, great value, I wish I got a information card, but we survived without it :)

If you are interested in signing up for a Bellabox subscription then visit their website here.
Also if you wanted to see the difference between Bellabox and Lust Have It, I did a post on it here.

Lastly, check out my Lime Crime giveaway if you are interested in winning a Lime Crime lipstick
Thanks for reading x


  1. How exciting is it getting the box? I ripped the plastic bag open with my fingers, I was too excited to go and find the scissors hahaha.
    I only signed up last month and already I am loving Bellabox. Great value for money, a great little monthly treat!

    1. yeah I am the same, its so exciting!

  2. Your cheek tint looks really soft and cute! Lovely...

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  3. I hope mine looks like that! Looks great. X

  4. Bellabox only stock the 250ml version of bioderma which is $40. Or if you look on ebay they have the 500ml version for about $30.

  5. Wow this is the second version of this months bellabox I've seen and I hope I get this version its Definetly more my style.. great review I'm so excited to see what I'm getting. I hate that WA takes longer than everyone else I got my email Wednesday too :)

  6. I can't wait to get mine! I hope it is as good as yours!

  7. I have the full size of the strawberry Palmolive body butter wash. GORGEOUS! love it :)

  8. Oh looks good! I'm annoyed mine hasn't shown up yet! I want to see what I got :D

  9. Seems like a great beauty box :) xx


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