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Adorn Samples Take 2 and Adorn FOTD

November 23, 2012

Nearly two weeks ago I wrote a review of the Adorn samples that I received after using my Lust Have It voucher at their online store, and unfortunately I wasn't too happy with the samples (see original review here). The post caused a bit of commotion, with a lot of people agreeing with my review, and a lot of people disagreeing. I was contacted by Briony, who is the Director of Adorn, saying that the samples I received weren't up to scratch and she wanted to send me out new samples. I was very reluctant to accept, mainly because I didn't really want to try the cream products again, but I asked Briony what products she would recommend I try, and she sent me out these!

I wanted to just quickly mention again that Adorn is an Australian company, that happens to be located a suburb or two away from where I live, but they also are all mineral products that are organic, suitable for vegans, and are free from all the bad toxins and palm oils. They also provide a colour matching service where you upload a photo and products are recommended to you, they also have a product refill program, and they sell samples for each of their products for $2.50 each so you can try before you buy. If any of this takes your fancy then check out their online store at

This is how the products arrived, and I liked the small bags instead of the labels wrapped around the jars (you will know what I mean if you read the last review).

I was really happily surprised with the products too, clearly the powder products worked much better as samples than the cream products did. Even though I never doubted that the full size cream products were good products, I did think that the samples probably didn't do them justice. These powder products on the other hand, do sell the products really well, and I am heaps more inclined to buy the full sizes of these powder products after using these samples.

So I got two eye shadows in the shades Pink Pearl and Obsidian, a loose blush in Summer, a loose foundation in light-medium, and a lip gloss in Toffee which was a really nice surprise.

Eye shadow in Pink Pearl and Obsidian, blush in Summer, foundation in Light-Medium, lip gloss in Toffee

The stand outs of these samples are the eye shadows, they are stunning! They are really shimmery and really really pretty. I find that the best way to apply these is to pick up some product from the jar and then to swirl it around the lid to prevent any fall out. The Pink Pearl is a nude pink that contains fine mauvey purple microshimmer, and Obsidian is a taupey copper that looks like it contains fine multi-coloured microshimmer.

The blush is also really nice and easy to apply, you can apply it in a strong or a subtle way, and is a very pretty colour. It looks mostly matte in the swatch, but it does contain a little bit of shimmer. Its a nice mix between pink and coral.

I was a little skeptical about the powder foundation, mainly because powder foundations rarely give enough coverage, and also looking at this in the jar, it had a slight shimmer to it. I wore this today and I was really impressed, it did cover a lot of my skin problems, and did not look shimmery - the shimmer may add a glow to the face, but it looked pretty normal on my skin. I applied this by tapping some of it into a bigger lid and applied it with a brush. See the FOTD photo at the end of this post to see what the coverage looks like.

The lip gloss was a nice surprise, and is perfect if you like a really shimmery lip. It was a bit dark and a bit too shimmery for me, but I love the look of it sheered down. The colour is a really nice rose pink, and contains heaps of fine glitter which is a tiny but gritty to start off with, but settles in and you don't notice it after a few minutes. This gloss is not at all sticky (yay!) and smells really interesting, it smells like really strong warm orange, and when I read that it contains orange peel oil it all made sense!

Bold application of the gloss
Sheer application of the gloss

So naturally I was curious about how these products applied, so this is my Adorn face of the day look. I used the foundation (without concealer or powder), the blush lightly, both of the eye shadows, and the lip gloss. The only things I added were mascara and eyebrow powder. I think this makes a really nice natural look.


  1. Wow the lipgloss colour looks gorgeous on you! The eyeshadow swatches look nice too, might have to check them out. thanks for the post! :) x

    1. Thanks! Yeah I highly recommend the eye shadows, they look so much better in real life!

  2. That lipgloss is stunning! :) It really shows that brands really care about blog reviews! Glad you liked Adorn second time around

    1. Yeah you raise a good point, it is really good of them to care about blog reviews so much.

  3. I'm glad this did this for you as i would've been disappointed if had gotten your samples. I was happy with mine :):)
    These all look great. I'm loving my obsidian :)

  4. I really like this look. The eye shadow looks pretty sweet, especially pink pearl. I'm glad you had a better experience this time around!

  5. Wow that's so lovely, the eyeshadow in obsidian is gorgeous!

  6. these are so pretty! i love the eyeshadows! great review :)

  7. I love being introduced to new beauty brands- these products look lovely! I especially like the Obsidian shadow and Summer blush. Right up my alley. Great review and swatches, as always :)


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    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much beautiful!!
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