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Too Faced Naked Eye palette review and swatches

October 9, 2012

I got this Too Faced Naked Eye palette as a gift for Christmas last year. I decided to do some swatches and a review, because I am trying to review makeup I already have rather than buying more makeup. In Australia you can buy these at Kit Cosmetics for $53.95.

For such a large palette, this only contains 11.4g of product. This packaging is very bulky and there isn't much to justify the bulk. There is a little tiny blush/sponge applicator (see in later photo) but there is no mirror. Instead this contains cards which shows how you can do three looks, I honestly have never used these cards, and I think I would get more use out of this if it did have a nice sized mirror instead.

So there are three all over eyelid colours, and six other colours. This contains a Day look which includes the shades In The Budd, Pillow Talk, and Like A Virgin. The Classic look contain the shades Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, and Unmentionables. The Fashion look contains the shades Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance, and Stiletto.

The pigmentation of these shadows are pretty good, however they do vary a lot - some are super pigmented and some are quite sheer.

Day Shadows without flash - In The Buff, Pillow Talk, and Like A Virgin
Day Shadows with flash - In The Buff, Pillow Talk, and Like A Virgin
In The Buff is a pretty matte creme and is quite pigmented for a light matte shade. I wasn't too keen on this shade when I first got this palette, but I now love it as a matte highlight.

Pillow Talk is a strange shadow, it is a super light grey that has a nice shimmer to it (the photos don't do it justice). In the 10 months of having this, I have never used this shade, but swatching it has made me want to give it a go. It may be a really nice way to get a nude shimmery look. I do think this is the least pigmented of all the shadows in this palette.

Like A Virgin is the perfect taupe shade. It isn't super pigmented, but you can build up the colour, it is almost matte and makes the perfect crease colour.

Classic Shadows without flash: Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, and Unmentionables
Classic Shadows with flash: Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, and Unmentionables
Birthday Suit has always been my go to all over eye lid colour when using this palette. It is a pretty nude cold but is a little too shimmery than what I usually go for. It is very soft and pigmented.

Satin Sheets is one of the most beautiful colours in the palette, and sadly I don't like wearing silvery colours or pinks on my eyes, so the only time I use this is for an inner corner highlight. I feel like this colour is going to waste with me because it is the most beautiful pink with a silvery yellow duo chrome, but I never use it

Unmentionables is one of my most used colours, it is a pigmented shimmery taupe that is gorgeous, and almost has a purple tinge to it. Very soft and easy to apply.

Fashion Shadows without flash: Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance, and Stiletto.
Fashion Shadows with flash: Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance, and Stiletto.
Pink Cheeks is a shade that I have never used in a look, it is too pink and light for me. This is very pigmented, and gives an almost matte look, but has a little shimmer to it. After swatching it I have realised how pretty it really is... I might try to use this tomorrow.

Lap Dance is a really soft shimmer grey toned purple, it's not the most pigmented shade, but it really is a lovely neutral purple. Just like Pink Cheeks, I didn't realise how pretty this was until I swatched it.

Stiletto is my favourite shade in the palette, it is a very pigmented matte black. It is stunning! I wish this eye shadow wasn't so small, as I can imagine this being one of the most popular shadows.

Overall I think these shadows are great quality, however I think they are too pink/purple for a true naked eye palette. Silvery pink colours don't suit me, and I find this to be a hard palette to wear day to day, which suggests to me that this isn't the most successful naked eye palette. I also think that, although the packaging is cute, it is far too bulky and it isn't packed with enough things to make the bulk worth while. I also think that for 11.4g of product this palette is far far too big, and possibly overpriced. If these pinky shades are the type of shades that suit your every day then this will be worth the money, but for me I find that it doesn't contain enough easily wearable shades. I do love the mix of mattes and shimmery shades, and the mattes are also really good quality. I also think this can easily be a day to night palette, and if you don't have a vast array of eyeshadows this may be a good starter palette.

What do you guys think of the Too Faced palettes?


  1. This palette looks gorgeous! Definitely colours I would wear :) But you're right, it does seem over priced! xx

    1. They're really pretty aren't they? I just wished they suited my colouring more.

  2. The price does seem pretty high, especially when the urban decay naked palettes are the same price and you get more product. Shame about the price of cosmetics in Australia because otherwise I'd love to give one of these palettes a go.

    1. Can't agree more. It's a great present, but I don't think it would be my first choice if I bought it. I am glad I have it in my collection though

  3. This looks like a great palette, the swatches look beautiful :)

  4. These shades really are beautiful (I've been eyeing this up for awhile, and your swatches are great!), but I agree- the packaging is so bulky! No room for it in my train case :)



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