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September 2012 Favourites

October 1, 2012

September came and went very quickly! It took me a while to figure out what my favourites were because the month went so quickly, and I couldn't even remember what I have been using. This favourites post is a mix of products that I have bought throughout September and some old products that I have been using most days.

Makeup favourites:

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Oily and Combination Skin in the shade light - see review and swatches here
AMAZING! I love this stuff, it is definitely one of my holy grail products and it only costs $13.99 for 40mL. I do have oily combination skin, and I have been reluctant to buy any BB creams because I know from past experience that tinted moisturisers and similar products, make me look like an oil spill after a few hours. This BB cream has a semi matte finish and it lasts throughout the day. I do powder after I apply it, but I don't feel the need to re-powder during the day. This also gives a light but buildable coverage. Love love love, if you have oily skin then give this a go. I must say, you need to buff this in well otherwise it can look streaky. 

MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1 - see review and swatches here
I have nearly used up my Laura Mercier powder which I have mentioned in a few posts lately, but because it is my only powder that contains a mirror and applicator I have moved it from my makeup table to my handbag. I have since been reaching for this MUA powder to set my makeup in the morning, and I am really enjoying it. It is a light-medium coverage and matches my skin colour really well, I have no complaints. This is also dead cheap, and costs £1, aka $1.50 in Australia... how can you go wrong!

Real Techniques Kabuki Brush - see Real Techniques post here
I have been using this Kabuki brush as my powder brush and I have been loving it. It's super soft and the angle of the brush makes it easy to powder under the eyes.

Korres Zea Mays Blush in Shade 47 Orange Brown
I have had this blush for a little while now, and I have been finding myself reaching for this shade a lot this month. It is a peachy bronze colour (see swatch below), and I think I have been reaching for it because it gives a nice sculpted bronzed cheek, which is an appealing look now that the weather is getting warmer.

Topshop Blush in Head Over Heels
I know when people think of these Top Shop cream blushes they think of Neon Rose, interestingly when I went to Topshop last, I bypassed Neon Rose and was more attracted to this Head Over Heels shade. It is a pretty light peach with a slight shimmer (see swatch below). I love these cream blushes, they go on as a cream but blend into a powder finish. I have been using this blush when I want a pop of colour.

Laura Mercier Eye Liners in Black Ebony - see review and swatches here
I bought this eyeliner really cheap on Strawberrynet, and I must admit, if it wasn't so cheap I would have been reluctant to try it out, since it is one of those dry cake liners that needs water to apply. It sounds fiddly, but I was pleasantly surprised. The thing what I liked about this eyeliner was that it gives you a great deal of control over the consistency and the pigmentation of the product. I also loves that it can give a subtle liquid eyeliner look which works super well for every day use. I also love that it dries matte.

Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Caramel - see review and swatches here
This is a really pretty matte eye shadow that is really versatile. I either use it as an all over lid colour for a darker eye, or I use this as a crease colour for a nude eye. I have been reaching for this colour most days, so I had to include it in this months favourites.

Sportsgirl Make Scents Perfume in Over The Rainbow - see review here
I love this perfume, I have been carrying it in my bag with me all month. Not only does it smell amazing but it is so travel friendly. I do have the whole range of these perfumes, but Over The Rainbow scent is my favourite, it smells super sweet and smells delicious. If you don't like sweet perfumes but like the idea of these travel friendly roll on perfumes, there are three other scents that cater for everyone.

Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash - see review and swatches here
This is my new favourite statement lip colour. It is a beautiful red and the shimmer in it makes it look like you have red foil on your lips. Love it!

Skin care favourites:

Alpha-H Purifying Clay Mask
I bought this mask along with a couple of other Alpha-H products (which I will have to do a review on soon). I love this mask, it is a clay mask, but it is the first gentle clay mask that I have used. It made my skin feel really clean afterwards, and my skin has been horrid the last few months so I have loved using this.

Estee Lauder Day Wear - see Estee Lauder haul here
So I got this moisturiser as part of an Estee Lauder gift with purchase, this is the small size that came with the gift, but I did also buy the big tub to get the gift with purchase. I have always loved this moisturiser, it smells like delicious cucumber and makes my skin feel so fresh. It also contains SPF 15, but doesn't make my skin feel greasy.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
I have had bad cuticles recently so I have been using this quite a lot. My cuticles seem fine now, so I guess this does the job. I mainly love applying it because it smells so nice, it smells like tangy lemon sherbert. The packaging is also really nice.

Random Favourites:

Hanson toured Australia last month (yay!), and I was luckily enough to see them in Melbourne. I went with my sister and I had sooo much fun and nearly lost my voice :P

The two TV shows that have been popular in my household in September were The Newsroom and Project Runway season 10. If you haven't seen Newsroom then watch it now, it's surprisingly addictive. Clearly I like shows that contain men who like to hold their fist to their chin.

I'm a bit of a nerd, so naturally my boyfriend and I were excited for the release of Borderlands 2. So far this is an awesome game, and when I am not working, when I'm not at uni, or when I am not blogging, then you will find me playing this game.

What were your September favourites?


  1. The Newsroom has made my September favourites as well.

    I've looked at the Burt's Bees Lemon cuticle cream a few times but haven't purchased - thanks for the review.

    1. Yay The Newsroom! If you have dry annoying cuticles, then give this a go for sure

  2. Great favourites. I haven't tried any of these products before, but they all sound amazing! I would love to try the RT kabuki and the Korres blush! :)

  3. The milani lip pencil looks stunning! this is a great list of favorites :)

  4. That Milani lipstick looks AMAZING. I love Project Runway. Tim Gunn is my hero! I have been watching The Newsroom, not sure if I like it yet. I think it's because Sorkin did The West Wing too, which is one of my favourite shows of all time, and so I've been comparing it to that, a little unfairly ;)
    S xx

    1. I havent watched West Wing. I better get onto that!

  5. I've been loving Alpha-H masks this month too. I like the purifying one and also the liquid gold one.

    1. Oooh I would love to try more of their masks!

  6. I love my MUA pressed powder too! so cheap and nice <3 love the korres and topshop blush! :D

    1. yeah you can't go wrong with that powder x

  7. What a great list of goodies! I can't get over how gorgeous the Topshop cream blush is! Having oily skin, I can totally appreciate a cream blush that dries down to a powder finish, and the shade looks so pretty! My boyfriend has started watching the Newsroom and is really liking it so far. I have to jump on the bandwagon! And I like how Jeff Daniels and Tim Gunn are posing in the same way in the pictures you posted :)


    1. Yeah I usually hate the look of cream blushes, but this one is really good!


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