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Quick skincare rave: Garnier Clean Detox Gentle Brightening Scrub review

October 18, 2012

I have been meaning to mention this product for quite a while now. I initially bought this as a scrub to replace an exfoliant that I had finished, but I need to say right now that it is not a scrub... yes it contains a few tiny exfoliating particles, but it is not enough to constitute a scrub in my opinion. I was a little disappointed at how bad it was as a scrub, but it instantly became one of my favourite cleaners because it is awesome as a cleanser. So moral to the story - don't buy this as a scrub because you will be disappointed, but this amazing if you are looking for a cleanser.

This only contains 100ml, but it is pretty cheap, it costs $6.99 at Priceline but is currently on sale for $5.59.

What I love about this cleanser is that it makes my skin feel super clean and fresh. The scent is a fresh lemon which I love, and this cleanser literally leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. If you don't like the feeling of having your face stripped clean of all its gunk, then you won't like this product, but since I am an oily skinned gal who likes wearing a bit of makeup, this is an amazing product for me. I generally only use this at night, because I love that it strips away all the bad impurities from throughout the day, which leaves me with really clean skin to then apply my serum and night moisturiser. This will probably be too much for people with dry skin, as it would strip away too much moisture from their skin.

The other thing that I instantly adored about this product is that you need the tiniest amount and it lathers up like a dream. The fact that you need a tiny amount to cover your whole face also means that this 100ml bottle will last quite a while. I love a product that smells great and lathers well, it just makes me happy.

This is an example of how much I will use for my whole face... this may actually be a little too much. This product does have tiny clear exfoliating beads, but you can't see them in photos. You may be able to see that this also has a silver shimmer to it, which a lot of brightening cleansing products tend to have... I don't think this really does much to brighten your skin, but it makes the product look pretty.

So after adding water and rubbing my hands together, this is how the product foams:

This may not look super impressive, but for the small amount to cover both of my hands with this much lather is pretty damn good. You will know what I am talking about when you use this on your face... mmmm foamy lathery goodness. 

  • Great for oily skinned people who want to strip the makeup and oil at the end of the day
  • Smells great - fresh lemon
  • It foams well and you only need a little amount of product
  • Very affordable

  • Not really a "scrub"
  • Would not suit people with dry skin, as it would strip away moisture from the skin

I am very impressed with Garnier skincare these days, they are kicking goals with some of their new products. I am interested to try the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector soon too. 

Has anyone tried this Brightening Scrub or any other new Garnier skincare? What do you think?

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