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October Bellabox - and my first ever Bellabox!

October 12, 2012

I am excited! I have been a big fan of these beauty boxes, and I have been receiving Lust Have It boxes for a while now... but I decided to also sign up to Bellabox. So this is my first ever Bellabox, and it just so happened to be their 1st birthday box, which is pink themed for breast cancer awareness. Happy birthday Bellabox!

So why did I join up to a second box? Well I do love Lust Have It (and I have a 12 month subscription so I won't be stopping that subscription any time soon), but I have noticed recently that Lust Have It is becoming quite repetitive with their products and brands that they use, also last month they didn't have any full size product which was a little disappointing. So I started looking up Bellabox because I wanted more variety, and because I sold a few things on eBay I decided to use that money to sign up to a 12 month subscription to Bellabox.

Three things I initially loved about Bellabox is that they post their box out pretty early in the month, that the postage is tracked, so you get updates on when it's coming and when it is delivered, and lastly because it comes in a box! I do like Lust Have It's makeup bags that the products come in, but I love having little sturdy boxes to store things in... and these are perfect.

Onto the box...

So I am a little bit lazy and I prefer to take a photo of the info card rather than typing out all the details. One thing that I was instantly impressed with (besides the chocolate) is that this contains three full sized products - the Sally Hansen nail polish, the Carmex pink lip blam ad the Bourjois purple liner - these three items alone are valued at $42.95 which is great value. I also love that the pink Carmex lip balm is not yet available in stores, who doesn't love a sneak preview! Another thing I have noticed about this box is that it is a really nicely balanced box: two skincare, two haircare, one nail polish, one perfume, and three makeup products (which I get most excited about). I really can't fault this October box!

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Instant Action Lift Treatment - 5ml
I love Estee Lauder skin care, and I am curious to give this a go. It's a bit of a strange product because it is designed to give your skin a lift whenever you need it. Being 26 and having no wrinkles (touch wood) I don't know what I will use this for... maybe under the eyes? We'll see.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer - 7ml
This is an exfoliating serum... so kinda like Alpha H Liquid Gold? I love all things relating to serums and exfoliants, so I will edit in a review after I have used this a few times. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color in 150 Petal Pusher - full size
This is an epic addition to the box, not only do I love a good fast drying nail polish, but I am loving nude nail polish at the moment. Win win. I will use this shortly and do a review on it, so keep posted!

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Sheer Pink Tint - full size
This is probably my most exciting thing of the box, I love Carmex and I love pink lipgloss. Also who doesn't love a preview of a new product. This lip colour looks quite intense in the tube but applies very sheer, the colour on my lips in the photo and on my arm in the swatches is the colour built up pretty strongly. This lipgloss has the same menthol feel, but has a slightly more sweet vanilla smell to it. Its also SPF 15 yay!

DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense - 1.5ml
I normally don't like receiving perfume samples in beauty boxes because the smell can be a hit or a miss... but I love these DKNY perfumes and I was debating whether to buy this exact perfume when I was at the shops earlier today, so this is a win for me, and I love having these little samples in my hand bag.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk - 25ml
Now for some hair products. I haven't tried this shampoo before but I have tried their dry shampoo, which wasn't bad, so I am curious to see what else Klorane has to offer!

Klorane Conditioning Cream with Pomegranate - 10ml
Like I said above, I am looking forward to tying Klorane hair care products, but I do like the shampoo sample more than this one, mainly because the shampoo is in a bottle you can close and contains 25ml, but this comes in a sachet that can get a bit messy if you want to stretch it over a couple of applications. Also the front isn't in English, so luckily the card explained what it was.

Bourjois Smoky Pencil in 72 Dark Purple - full size
I am a big Bourjois fan so I am super happy to see this pencil hidden in the box. I am not the biggest purple eyeliner gal, but hopefully this will encourage me to get a bit more colourful in my every day eye makeup. This liner contains a brush at one end because this is designed to be blended out for a smokey eye... I think I will be boring and just use it as eyeliner, but it's good having the option. You will see from the swatches below that this is a pretty dark purple that contains a little bit of shimmer, its very pretty.

Swatch of the Carmex lip gloss and the Bourjois eyeliner, the left is taken with flash and the right is without flash.

Great box, Bellabox! I am excited about being a new subscriber, and I am excited to see what comes next. If you want to become a Bellabox subscriber visit Bellabox.com.au.


  1. wow, somehow i think the Aussie version of Bellabox is so much cooler than the Singapore version! I just reviewed the Sg version on my blog too!

  2. I'm so glad you've signed up to BellaBox, I think it's much better than Lust Have It! I haven't received my BellaBox this month just yet, but I'm excited to get mine after seeing this. I love, love, love the pink Carmex, I've already been through 3! :)

    1. Yeah I am happy that I signed up too... I will decide next year which one I want to stick with x

  3. This is the best beauty box I've seen in a while! They seem to be going down hill at the moment! xx


    1. Yeah I find that last months Lust Have It was a bit meh. Fingers crossed they pick up!

  4. I only just signed up to bellabox too, this is my first ever subscription :) I like the look of these products though so I'm excited to see what's in my box.

    1. Do a blog post when you get it! Exciting

  5. I got my yesterday too! I was so happy with the goodies inside! This was my 2nd box and I'm loving it

    1. Awesome! I hope the next few boxes are just as good!

  6. I hope I get the same one as you.

    1. So far I have only seen this box and a very similar one reviewed around the blogging community, so you'll likely get this one :)

  7. I haven't ever tried a beauty box but I think if I was going to it would be Bella Box. They seem to have better things than Lust have it.


  8. After 3 Bellaboxes, and 2 Lust have it boxes, I am much happier with Bellabox! I just got my Bellabox, instead of the nail polish, Klorane and the eyeliner, I got 4ml of rosehip seed oil, bobby brown eye repair creme sample, adorn mineral eyeshadow sample and Prestige eyeshadow in spellbound (fullsize). This box was a total winner!


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