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Lust Have It Box - October 2012 Bold and Beautiful Box

October 25, 2012

Normally I don't go on the Lust Have It facebook page before I get my Lust Have It box, because I hate ruining the surprise, but today I went on the page to see if anyone had received their boxes yet. Whoa, what an interesting experience! Lust Have It must have sent the boxes out in different shipments, and the Lux and Luscious boxes were shipped first. The response to that box was very negative, and looking at the reviews of that box, I completely understand why. It did look very empty, pretty cheap, and had items that people didn't want. Words like "disgrace" "disappointment" and "Nanna" were thrown around a lot, and quite a few people unsubscribed.

I just wanted to say that I understand why people were upset, it did sort of seem like the Lust Have It team were cutting corners and taking their followers for granted, I think they also underestimated how knowlegeable and serious their followers are about good products. I do also understand that Lust Have It has taken on a lot over the last few months; with their breast cancer boxes, their mens box and their eco box. It is just a shame that they seem to have been a little neglectful to their original followers. Also I know that the September box wasn't a favourite, mainly because of the repeat of products and the lack of full sized products, so I think this one was the last straw for some people. In addition to this, other beauty subscription boxes are really lifting their game and Bellabox brought out a very impressive October box. After saying all of that, I didn't get the dreaded Lux and Luscious box and after all of the discussion on their facebook page and expecting the worst, I am pretty happy with my box.

If you feel let down by the box you got this month and are thinking of unsubscribing, I would recommend you wait a couple of months. Lust Have It have heard everyone's feedback, and you should allow Lust Have It to redeem themselves over the next couple of months. I would also want to see what was in store for their Christmas box... If you are not happy with the next two boxes, then I would recommend to unsubscribe.

Onto the box...

So there are only 5 products in this box which is a little light in my opinion, also it contains no makeup products. If there were maybe two extra makeup products then this would be a pretty good box, but as it is it's pretty average. One good thing about this box is that it contains 3 full sized products, it contains a De Lorenzo hair treatment worth $24.95, a full pack of Beauty Snapz that are worth $9.95 and a bath bomb worth $4.95. With these products alone this box is worth nearly $40, and it also comes with a $10 Davro voucher and another $15 voucher for the Adorn Mineral Cosmetics website.

I won't go through a product by product run down like I usually do, but I must admit that my favourite product here is the De Lorenzo Rejuven8 deep conditioning treatment - I don't have a deep conditioner at the moment, so this is good timing, also De Lorenzo is a good brand. I also like the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil tester - I am always looking for products to make my skin even better. This also comes in the cutest little dropper container, which I will no doubt keep when it has been used up. Lastly I am looking forward to having a bath with the bath bomb.

Update: I love the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil, I have been using it every night under my moisturiser and it makes my skin super soft in the morning. It smells a little strange, almost like bread or something edible... but I kinda like it! I have also used the deep conditioning treatment, and it was ok - it is quite thick and waxy and I felt like it works the best if it is allowed to sit in your hair for a good 5-10min, so it doesn't really work all that well in the shower, and is definitely more of a bath time product. Speaking of baths, I used the bath bomb. It has a nice subtle scent which isn't too overpowering, but what I liked most was that it left a really nourishing film on my skin... normally the idea of a film is pretty gross, but this isn't a greasy feeling, its more of a moisturised feel. 

I don't mind the addition of the wax strips, but because it contains two strips I can't imagine these being too useful, and it seems like an odd product to have a sample size for. The Beauty Snapz are a bit strange (see directions below), but I will no doubt use them.

Overall this is a pretty light box, but it's ok. I do think I got the better box out of the few that were available so I am very happy under the circumstances. I hope Lust Have It start focusing more on recruiting more brands and getting a better range of products, rather than focusing all of their efforts into making eco boxes and boxes for men etc. I think people are getting very sick of seeing the same brands over and over each month, especially when people leave feedback saying they don't want to see some of these brands again. Lastly, I know you can't please everyone, but a nicely balanced box (with more than 5 products) always makes people happy - so in my opinion, a good box contains at least one hair product, one body product, one face product, one makeup product (the more the merrier), a nail polish or scent, and something a little different. I know Bellabox did make a really good balanced box this month (see review here), and people loved it! I'm sure people didn't like all of the products in the box, but there were enough products and a good enough range to keep everyone happy - and that should be the aim of a beauty box subscription.

Do you subscribe to Lust Have It? What did you think of the October box?
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  1. I totally agree that a more balanced box would start to appease Lust Have It's! Customers. I am certainly not on the negative band wagon though. The bath fizz makes the water smell okay but mostly makes the water super soft, I suggest using it with another scented bubbley product! Enjoy!

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