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Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup in Ambition and Sophisticated

October 6, 2012

I'm a lucky gal! My sister, who is possibly the biggest Lush fan in the world, gave me these Lush Emotional Brilliance makeup products. She picked really well too, I honestly think if I had to pick a lip colour and an eye colour, these would be the ones I would have got. I haven't had a chance to play with this range all that much, I saw it in Lush once but they didn't have all the shades available in store. I also have seen the couple that my sister has, she has the cream eyeshadow in a light silvery blue which is a stunning colour, and although it wouldn't suit my colouring, it's perfect for her. This shimmery brown is perfect for me!

So the lip colour is in Ambition and the cream eye shadow is in Sophisticated, and I believe these retail for $24.95 each for 7g of product. This range is vegan friendly and are made from natural ingredients.

Both the lipstick and the eyeshadow have doe foot applicators. I actually think these applicators are quite effective for both the cream eye shadow and the lipstick... I have never used a doe foot applicator for either lipstick or eyeshadow and it actually is quite easy to apply. I am skeptical of the eyeliner version of these, because they look quite flimsy (from reviews that I have seen) and the short wand may make it fiddly to apply. I think the products that have the doe foot applicators are the best of the range, in my slightly ignorant opinion. The glass jars are very cute, and I like having them on my bathroom sink because they look really interesting. I can imaging a whole set of these looking really impressive.

Ambition and Sophistication in sunlight

Ambition and Sophistication in artificial light
These are stunning colours. Ambition is a vibrant red that has a slight orange tinge to it that makes it look almost fluro red! It is quite opaque as well, but the doe foot applicator allows you to apply this thickly for a bold lip or more sheer for a stain look.

Sophistication is a shimmery light brown, it has a grey/taupe feel to it, and just like the lipstick, you can make this bold or you can sheer it out. I am wearing it today without any base, so I will insert information about how well it wears later today. This colour applies lighter than it looks in the bottle, and ends up being a nice shimmery nude on my skintone.

The lipstick does stain a bit, which I personally like, but others may not, so be warned. 

Ambition in artificial lighting
Ambition in direct sunlight
Look how amazing this colour is, you can see what I mean by it almost being a fluro red in some lights. I didn't find that this dried out my lips, but it did stain. I am going to wear this out tonight so I will keep you posted on how well it wears.

Edit: Ok I do really like these, I have been wearing both of these and what I have noticed is that both the lipstick and the eyeshadow do fade, but instead of fading unevening or creasing, they just get lighter - which I am absolutely fine with (note: this is without a primer). The eyeshadow just gets a little sheerer at the end of the day, and the lipstick turns more into a stain after 3ish hours.

Overall I am pretty impressed with these products, mainly because the colours are so beautiful. I was surprised at how much I liked the doe foot applicator for the cream eyeshadow. If I had my own makeup line I would put cream eyeshadows in lipgloss tubes, not only would it prevent drying out, but the doe foot applicator is so handy. I love the glass bottles these come in too, it looks almost like you're a scientist playing with chemicals. Are these worth $24.95? For these particular shades, I would say yes, but for other less impressive shades or the liquid eyeliners I would hesitantly say no. I think these would be worth the money if you fall in love with one of their shades or the packaging, otherwise you may as well spend half the money on a normal lipstick.


  1. I've been meaning to try a few make-up products from Lush, but haven't gotten around to it! Sophistication is such an amazing shade and looks right up my alley! Your sister picked well :)

    1. Yeah she did a great job at picking, I can't fault these colours

  2. Great review and pics! I've been wearing Ambition for the past few days- a perfect warm, fall red! So nice that you received these as gifts :)


    1. How pretty is the colour! I will get a lot of use out of it

  3. I'm loving Lush products but haven't tried their makeup. $25 is a little steep, especially if the eyeshadow fades. They are lovely colours though, especially the red.

    1. The eyeshadows don't fade much, but they do fade a little at the end of the day... I don't mind that it fades, because it looks heaps better than a colour that keeps its intensity but creases. Also I haven't worn this with a primer yet.


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