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Jordana Blush in shades 33 Sandalwood and 37 Blushing Rose, and Quickliner in 03 Brown Stone - review and swatches

October 23, 2012

So I did a review on Jordana eyebrow powders the other week (see review here), and while I was doing a little research for that post, I came across the Australian Jordana website. Even though the products cost more than on international websites, the shipping is heaps cheaper. I wanted to pick up a couple of the blushes so I decided to place an order. Each of these blushes were $8 each, the eyeliner was $7 and the shipping was $4.40. I got the blush in 33 Sandalwood and 37 Blushing Rose, and the Quickliner eye liner in 03 Brown Stone.

It is also worth noting that I ordered these on a Monday and they arrived on the Wednesday, which I thought was very impressive.

The packaging of these blushes are simple, but also really compact. They have a clear screw top lid and no mirror or any added bulk. I actually like this simple packaging, it would make these very travel friendly. Each blush contains 2.2g of product.

These blushes have a nice soft texture, and aren't too powdery. The Blushing Rose colour is very pigmented, but because Sandalwood is a lighter colour, it is a bit harder to build up colour.

Sandalwood heavily swatched and blended, without flash
Sandalwood heavily swatched and blended, with flash
I must say, I adore this colour! I took a gamble because it is a very light colour, but it is amazing. If you want a very natural pretty peach cheek, then this is the blush you need! It is a matte light peach that will suit light to medium skin tones, it will either not show up on darker skin or it will possibly apply powdery. I do find that I have to build this colour up (mainly because I like a heavier blush), but it is absolutely worth the effort.

Blushing Rose heavily swatched and blended, without flash
Blushing Rose heavily swatched and blended, with flash
When looking at swatches online, I really wanted to try one of the two rose colours - this one is the shimmery one and there was another shade that is matte. I decided to go for the shimmer because I was getting a matte blush with Sandalwood. This is a very pretty rose pink with a slight hint of shimmer that you can mainly only see in direct light. This shade would look beautiful on all skin tones, and it is super pigmented so you don't need much product. I also find that this easily lasts a whole work day, and it still looks lovely at the end of the day. I have been reaching for this colour a lot over the past week or so because I know it lasts really well.

While I was ordering blushes I decided to order an eyeliner, because you can never have enough eyeliners. I really wanted a brown, because I have been mainly only wearing brown eyeliners these days, but I couldn't find any swatches online, so I was taking a gamble with the shade. I pretty much only wear dark brown eyeliners so I was pleasantly surprised with this shade. I really like the act that this is a twist up liner, since I hate having to sharpen them all the time.

Brown Stone swatch, single line and heavy swatch, without flash
Brown Stone swatch, single line and heavy swatch, with flash
This is a great eyeliner, you will notice from the single line that this is quite a soft and pigmented liner. I also think the colour is a great alternative to black. The only thing that I find a little bit negative about this eyeliner is that it isn't soft enough for applying easily to your waterline. 

Overall I am very happy with these products, I think for the price they are great and I was happy with the Australian Jordana website. I think the stand out products are the blushes, and I will no doubt buy more in the future... and I may be including them in my favourites post this month.


  1. Thanks for the swatches. :) I don't think there are enough Jordana swatches on the internet! I really like the look of the blushes, but boy I already have SO many apricot/peachy ones in my possession. :x

    1. Yeah I have far too many blushes too :P

  2. Sandalwood is super pretty! $4.40 shipping is also really affordable - I didn't even know Jordana had an Australian website :)

  3. i've seen sandalwood being raved about on other blogs as seems perfect!!

    1. I might buy another one as a small give away :)

  4. Hello loving your blog! I just had to comment and let you know that you can buy Jordana in Australia at the store cheap as chips. They sell the whole range for $6 but some stuff is a bit cheaper :)

    1. Thanks so much, and thanks for following my blog

      Where do you buy Jordana in store? I havent seen it anywhere!

    2. It's at the store called 'Cheap as Chips' lolz I should have been clearer. It's this cheapy shop they sell like food, homewares etc.. :)


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