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Innoxa Gift Set in Tangerine Tango and mini Innoxa haul

October 3, 2012

Ok so today I broke my makeup spending ban, but sometimes you come across great deals and you need to treat yourself. I did come across this gift pack in Priceline last week, and I did think it over for a good few days before taking the plunge and buying it, so at least thats better than how I used to be. This is an Innoxa gift pack that is valued at $66.80 and you get it if you spend over $35 on Innoxa products in Priceline. This gift pack comes in orange or pink - if you get the pink one then everything that is orange in this pack is instead pink. I personally love orange makeup so I was very excited that they had an orange option.

Here is a dodgy photo I found of the packs that are available

Back of the box
The makeup bag

So here are the items you get in the bag:
Renew Triple Action Gel Wash - retails for $17.95
Ultimate Lash Mascara in Black - retails for $19.95
Summer Matte Lipstick in Tangerine - retails for $14.95
Nail Polish - retails for $13.95

The thing I like about this bag is that I will use every single thing in it. So it's definitely worth getting in my opinion.

In case you were wondering what I bought to get the pack, this is what I got. I got two lipsticks in the shades Strawberry and Periwinkle (currently on sale for $11.21 each) and I got two blushes in the shades Spice and Berry (on sale for $7.47 each).

You will see reviews of the lipsticks, blushes and nail polish over the next couple of days... but I have a dilemma and I want you guys to give me your opinions. So I bought these two blushes, and the whole range only contains three blushes (the one I am missing is Rose), so I don't know if I should go back to Priceline before the sale finishes to buy the third blush so I can do a review of the whole range, or am I just being a silly obsessed beauty blogger and two of the three is enough? What do you guys think?

Anyway if you like this pack, or you want to check out the pink gift pack, then make sure you head to Priceline while they are still in stock... and before the 8th of Oct if you want to take advantage of some of the Innoxa range being 25% off!


  1. This might just make the shopping list for tomorrow !

    1. Do you think I should get the third blush?!? See you at 10:30 :)


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