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DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume review

October 29, 2012

Sorry about the grubby finger prints

I rarely buy new perfumes, but I got a sample of the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume in this months Bellabox, and I was ummming and ahhhing about buying it before I tried the sample, and after I tried the sample I was convinced! This is the 50ml bottle, which ranges in price significantly depending on where you get it from. You can buy it at Myer and David Jones, places like the Perfume Connection, or chemists like Priceline... you can even buy it cheaper online at

This is the description given by the Sephora website:
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a radiant new fragrance that marries freshness, vibrancy, and femininity. A blend of sparkling grapefruit, cassis, and sunkissed apricot meets a blooming floral heart of sheer muguet and petally rose wrapped in luminous jasmine. A base of juicy apple, mingled with lingering blond woods and smooth skin accord, completes the irresistibly sensual experience of the essence.

Grapefruit, Cassis, Apricot, Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Apple, Blond Woods, Smooth Skin Accord.
Bright. Alluring. Sophisticated.

If you love the other DKNY Be Delicious perfumes, then there is a good chance that you will like this one. This perfume smells a lot different from the original Be Delicious perfume, but I think it is designed to appeal to the same group of people. What I liked about this Fresh Blossom scent is that it isn't as sweet and fruity as the other two that I have (see photos below), instead it is a really light fresh floral scent. I was so happy when I used the sample of this, because strong floral scents tend to give me a headache, but this one didn't. This perfume is the perfect Spring scent, it's light and fresh with a slight sweetness to it, and it has a nice soft jasmine and rose scent. This is the first floral perfume that I can tolerate wearing, and I think it's the perfect perfume for people who prefer sweet scents, but want a light sophisticated scent for certain occasions or even for work.

Oh I also wanted to add that the first two times I wore this, I got compliments on it. The first was my sister asking, straight away when I saw her, what perfume I was wearing, and the second day I wore it, a patient at work (I work in an emergency department) told me that I smell nice! Clearly this perfume is a winner! 

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, Be Delicious Limited Edition Red Delicious, and the original Be Delicious

So this has the same packaging as the other perfumes of this range, the 50ml has a button on that top the squirts out the perfume, whereas if you buy the 30ml, the silver dome is a lid that you have to remove before you use it. Unlike the other two perfumes I have in the range, the Fresh Blossom has clear glass that looks pink because the perfume is pink. The other two have clear perfume but coloured glass.

Have you tried this range of perfumes? Which is your favourite?


  1. I have the fresh blossom, original, and the dark purple one (I don't remember the name). There's just something about those DKNY perfumes that smells so good to me! xx

    1. I can't agree more, there is something about them that just smells great! My favourite is the red one, but I love them all. My friend actually have me the green one because she was given it as a gift and didn't like it (I was shocked that she didn't like it!). I bought my mum the golden one for her birthday this year, she loves it!

  2. I have the original and red delicious. I love them both. I feel like I have to be in a certain mood for the original, but red delicious is more versatile. I'm definitely thinking of trying this one out!

  3. Fresh blossom smells amazing - I got it in Bellabox too, and I would definitely buy it if I wore a lot of perfume. I haven't smelt the others yet

    1. I don't wear perfume too much, but when I do wear this one and people compliment me, then it encourages me to wear it more :P

  4. I have the fresh blossom perfume and I love it! It lasts for ages on my skin too xx

  5. I have also been considering this after receiving the sample in my Bellabox. It's so very tempting! Thanks for the post!


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