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Davroe Formation Styling Lotion - review

October 17, 2012

I don't often review hair products, because besides shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, I don't use many hair products. I also have reasonably short hair so I don't go through products too quickly. As part of last months Lust Have It box (see review here) there was a voucher for a free Davroe styling product from the Davroe website. This was a bit of a cheeky free gift because you still had to pay for shipping which was $9.50 or something... which I know would have put a lot of people off taking up this offer. I decided to take up the offer because I do have a few other Davroe products and I am very happy with them. After umming and ahhing about what product to get (because I don't really 'style' my hair often besides blow drying it) I decided against the easy option of hair spray, and to instead try something different. Of course I didn't want it to be too different because I did want to be able to use it, so I opted for this Formation styling lotion.

Before I go on, I did want to say that even though I paid $9.50 shipping, I got the packaging in the mail the very next day after I placed the order, which I thought was very impressive. If you urgently need hair products then http://www.davroe.com/ might be a good option.

So this product normally retails on the site for $21.50 for this 200g tube, but $9.95 for the 50g tube. One thing that is good about the Davroe site is that it lists the products in order from light hold to strong hold, so its easy to pick the product you want. This Formation styling lotion is said to be a medium hold product with a hold factor of 5 and a shine factor of 6.

So this product says it is styling and blow dry lotion with natural grape and kakuda plum, which defines and controls hair. It also is alcohol free (so it won't dry hair out) and it provides UV, heat and colour protection. It also is 100% Australian, contains pure plant extracts, does not test on animals, and contains no parabens or petrochemicals. So after that whole mouth full, this is supposed to help style your hair without causing it any damage.

So this is what it looks like... its pretty much just a clear gel. It says that it smells like cool citrus, but in my opinion is smells like hair gel that my ex boyfriend used to use when I was 18 (happy birthday to my ex boyfriend by the way, not that he would be reading this). I am not the biggest fan of the scent, and I expected cool citrus to smell nice since all the other Davroe products I have smell great, but at least the smell doesn't linger.

So the way I use this is by applying a small amount into my hands and I work it through my towel dried hair. I initially didn't have high hopes for this, especially since styling products tend to weigh down my hair and make my hair look oily, but this product was actually a nice surprise. This works, in my opinion, almost like a hair mousse, this definitely gives you a lot more volume and it also tends to help hold the waves in my hair better.  I don't see much difference with the shine, but that's mainly because I do have wavy hair that doesn't respond well to shine products, but if you have straight hair you may notice a difference. I have been using this product probably about 90% of the time after I wash my hair since I got this, so I am definitely happy I took the gamble on it. I find the volume it gives is awesome, and is much more light weight than mousses I have used in the past... and is supposedly better for my hair than the mousses as well. If you want to give your hair a bit more volume without adding products that damage your hair, then try this range.

I mainly decided to do this post because I know there will be a lot of people out there who have the Lust Have It voucher and are reluctant to try these products out. I'm not saying that you should definitely get this product, but if you like to use styling products, then it may be worth while investing the money on shipping.

Has anyone used their Lust Have It voucher? If so, what did you end up getting?

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