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100 followers give away winners!

October 29, 2012

Thanks to everyone who entered the give away. I used Random.org to generate the two winners, and the winners are:

Give away #1 winner - Claire Garvey
Give away #2 winner - Nalini

I am very happy that these lovely girls won these prizes, they both have been followers of mine for a little while now. Congratulations Claire and Nalini! I will be sending you an email very soon xoxox

Sorry to all of the people who entered and didn't win, I can assure you I will be having more give aways soon!


  1. congrats to the winners...
    although i didn't win i'm glad i found your blog, Kat.its fun to read :)
    P.s can you remove the identification thing on comments??

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I took it off, I didn't even know it was on. As long as everything goes well, I will keep it off :)


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