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Spring Boujois nail collection review, and nail look using Bourjois and Sportsgirl nail polish

September 6, 2012

This is a bit of a mixed post, it's a bit of a look at the Bourjois Spring Collection nail colours, and it is also a nail look using these two Spring colours, and using All That Glitters Nail It by Sportsgirl.

So this is the new Spring 2012 collection from Bourjois, its not really a whole new collection because as far as I am aware, the shades of blush, gloss, and eye shadow are part of the permanent collection, and the only new products are the two nail polishes. I was happy to pick up these nail polishes because I have fallen in love with the Borjois 10 day nail polish (see my previous posts here and here about them), it doesn't last 10 days, but it is the only nail polish that I have ever used that has minimal chipping after 4-5 days. I bought these 20% off from Priceline for $10.40 each, but normally they are $13.

These shades are beautiful, and they are perfect Spring colours! Shade 26 is a pink mauve, and shade 25 is a bright coral. These are my favourite colours to wear in Spring and Summer so I am ecstatic that Bourjoir brought these shades out in this long wear formula.

For the nail look, I used a Cutex base coat, and one coat of shade 26. This colour is very opaque and I was excited to see that it only took one coat to get the coverage shown in the photo above.

I decided to try the triangle nail effect that was shown by Leighannesays in a YouTube video last week. Pretty much all you have to do is section off the triangle with sticky tape, and then paint over the sectioned off area. It sounds more simple than it is, and I did have a slight mishap with the sticky tape pulling off some of the base coat, but see the Leighannesays video tutorial for a step by step guide.

This is what it looked like after taking off the sticky tape, I used shade 25 as the triangle colour. It wasn't as simple as described in the video, but it turned out ok for my first attempt.

This is the finished look, I just put a coat of All That Glitters as a top coat on the feature nails. I thought the gold glitter would make this effect look a little more special, I also thought the mauve, coral and gold were a great combination.

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