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Sleek Pout Paint review and swatches of Milkshake, Mauve Over and Port. Comparison with OCC Lip Tars

September 12, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I came home from uni today to three packages (yay!). One of the packages was from Sleek (see photo below of what I ordered - more reviews will come soon). I was really looking forward to playing with the Pout Paints so I dropped all my bags and decided to do a blog post.

So these Pout Paints contain 8mL of product and cost $6.49 on the Sleek website. I bought them on sale so I got each of these for $5.19 each.

I got the three colours 162 Milkshake, 154 Mauve Over, and 159 Port. These are supposed to be dupes for OCC Lip Tars, and I didn't buy these with the intention to compare the two products, but when I realised that Mauve Over was so close to one of the Lip Tars that I already have (Hoochie), I decided to do a quick review at the end of this post. I didn't try to order similar colours to the Lip Tars that I already have, and I was quite disappointed when I realised that they were similar, I wanted to expand my collection, not duplicate it :(

The packaging of these are good, I especially like the small nozzle. Even though this is not the comparison part of this post, I thought I should mention (since I'm not planning on mentioning it later in this post) that bloggers who have been comparing the Pout Paint to the Lip Tars are saying that the Sleek packaging is far superior. It is far superior to the old Lip Tar packaging (which is what I have) where the nozzle is a lip gloss applicator, but I think it is unfair to compare these because the new Lip Tar packaging has a very similar nozzle to the Pout Paint one, and in addition to this Lip Tar's new packaging contains 10mL of product compared to the old 8mL. So yes, I love the Pout Paints packaging, but I think its probably just as good as the newer Lip Tar packaging that was introduced nearly a year ago now, but contains less product than the Lip Tars.

I stole this photo from Google images to show the old vs the new OCC Lip Tar packaging
Swatch of Milkshake, Mauve Over, and Port without flash
Swatch of Milkshake, Mauve Over, and Port with flash
Milkshake no flash
Milkshake with flash
Mauve Over no flash
Mauve Over with flash
Port no flash
Port with flash
For all these photos the no flash photos are more true to the colour. These Pout Paints smell really nice, they have a subtle orange scent. I found that each shade was different consistency, by far the Mauve Over was the most opaque and easy to apply. The Port is a dark colour but has a slight translucence to it so some parts can look darker than others if you don't apply it evenly. The hardest to work with was Milkshake, it was the runniest of the three but wasn't as pigmented and tended to settle into creases and dry patches. It wasn't too bad, but I wish it was as creamy as Port and Mauve Over. With each of these shades you only had to use a drop to over the whole lip, and these weren't drying. I have been wearing Port on my lips for 2 and a half hours now and it still feels moist and looks quite moist, but it has faded slightly, and now looks like its more of a dark pinky toned stain (see below). This is still a pretty colour which I kinda like more than the freshly applied colour, but I can foresee this staining for a long time. I haven't tried the others for an extended period of time, but I can imaging Mauve Over having a similar effect.

Port after two and a half hours of wear

Ok time for a quick comparison. I only have six Lip Tars, and I didn't aim to buy dupes (the purple was an accident since I thought the Sleek was more magenta-pink), but I decided to compare them to the closest ones in my collection. I compared Milkshake to Grandma (even though I am sure there is a more suitable dupe in the extensive Lip Tar range), and I am comparing Mauve Over to Hoochie.

Swatches without flash. Left to right: Milkshake, Grandma, Mauve Over, Hoochie
Swatches with flash. Left to right: Milkshake, Grandma, Mauve Over, Hoochie
Milkshake and Grandma don't look anything alike when swatched, Milkshake is a light coral and Grandma is a vibrant coral. Mauve Over is more pink toned, whereas Hoochie is more blue toned, but they are quite similar.

Sleek Pout Paint
  • Thicker in consistency
  • Applies thickly to the lips
  • Dewy finish - feels more like a lipstick
  • 11 shades in the range
  • Varies in formula over the shades
  • Smells like orange 
  • Colour transfers from lips even after 3+ hours
  • Long wear time
  • Easily mixed with other shades or products
  • $6.49 for 8mL
OCC Lip Tar
  • Runnier in consistency
  • Applies thinly to the lips
  • Matte/satin finish
  • 35 shades in the current range - new shades introduced each season
  • Consistent is formula over the shades
  • Smells like mint
  • Colour doesn't transfer because of the drier finish
  • Long wear time - but can get drying
  • Easily mixed with other shades or products
  • $15 for 10mL

Both these products are great, and I didn't buy the Sleek Pout Paints to prove whether one is better than the other. The Pout Paint is definitely easier to apply because it is a little thicker, but I don't like that some shades are more opaque than others. Pout Paints are also more moisturising which will make them appeal to more people, as they have a generic lipstick finish. I do prefer the Lip Tar matte finish, but it can be drying. Lip Tars seem to be consistently more opaque and each shade has the same consistency. Lip Tars also have a significantly wider range of shades, and I also prefer the mint smell. Pout Paints are less than half the price of the Lip Tars so its probably worth while getting Pout Paints for general shades, but investing in Lip Tars if you are interested in one of their more unique shades.

Over all both of these products are good, Pout Paints are more user friendly, but OCC with their colour range and their semi matte finish, are more striking. I would probably reach for Pout Paints more, because they are much easier to use and are less drying so they are more comfortable to wear over long periods of time, but if I wanted a really impressive bold lip I would go for a Lip Tar. I respect OCC for inventing Lip Tars, it is much harder to invent a new product than it is to copy a product but making it a little more moisturising, but I am happy that Sleek had brought out a more user friendly version.


  1. Wow, the Pout Paints look fantastic! The shades are so striking and unique and the wear looks incredible. One more reason for me to wish Sleek was sold here in Canada! :)


    1. Its not sold here in Australia either... but they do ship internationally1


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