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Sleek Concealer & Corrector Palette in 01 - review and swatches

September 21, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

Last week I got a mini Sleek haul in the mail, I got three Pout Paints (see review here), I got an eye shadow palette (yet to be reviewed) and this Concealer & Corrector palette which is new Sleek product and I am very excited to try it out. Normally this costs $9.99 from the Sleek website but I ordered this when they were having 20% off all items and cheaper shipping, so I got this for just under $8.

I ordered the shade 01 which is the lightest shade of the five shades available, I was a little skeptical about buying the lightest shade but the photo of shade 02 looked quite dark, so I ordered this one. I do think it is too light for me, especially since Summer is around the corner in Australia, so I might order shade 02 for the up coming months.  

The packaging:
The packaging is the same as all Sleek palettes, it is a thin matte black plastic palette with a nice sized mirror inside. This is about the same size as their contour kit, but maybe a little but longer. I personally love Sleeks packaging, it looks quite classy and it is perfect for traveling since it doesn't contain extra bulk, and it also contains a great mirror. The only problem with Sleek's packaging is that the matte plastic always gets quite grubby.

So the palette contains a pink toned corrector, a concealer and a setting powder. I love this idea, and the pink toned corrector is perfect for brightening up the under eye area. The photo above is pretty true to life with regards to the colours and the shades.

Swatches without flash. Left to right: Corrector, concealer and powder
Swatches with flash. Left to right: Corrector, concealer and powder
You can see from the swatches that the corrector is significantly more pink toned and has a lot more white than the concealer, and both the concealer and powder are more yellow toned.

The formula:
Both of the concealer and corrector have a really thin but smooth consistency, the concealer is a little thicker and more pigmented than the corrector. The concealer gives an even medium coverage and the corrector gives a slightly lighter coverage. I really like this consistency of this product, it bends nicely under your eyes and the thin smooth texture allows a little amount to go a long way, it also doesn't dry out the skin. The powder is a smooth but is quite sheer, so it acts more as a setting powder rather than a heavy coverage powder.

I really like this concept, and the concealer is great, but I do personally think that the corrector is far lighter than the concealer. I will get a lot of use out of the concealer because even though it is light, it is a similar shade to other under eye concealer that I usually use, but the corrector only works under my eyes if I am VERY light handed with it. I will probably use this corrector as a brow bone highlight or even inner corner highlight - so it won't go to waste. I would be curious to see what shade 02 is like, I have a feeling that I might be in between so I might have to get creative and do some mixing. I think this palette will become my new handbag touch up kit because it is so compact and quite versatile.

Most people will love this product, the concealer feels great to apply, and the corrector does brighten dark circles. The best thing I think about this is that you can mix the pink toned and the yellow toned concealer to get a perfect match for your skin. Also people who are super pale will love this palette! The corrector mixed with a tiny bit of the concealer will make a nice mid toned very pale concealer for people who struggle to find pale concealers. If you like super heavy coverage with your under eye concealer, then this probably won't be for you, because it is a more of a light-medium builable coverage.

Has anyone tried this yet? What are your opinions?
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  1. This looks like an awesome palette. I have been currently using and loving benefit erase paste for my under eyes, I wonder how the correcter in this would stack up?

    1. I need to wear it a bit more over the next few days to see how it lasts all day, but I will edit it in when I have more opinions on it. I haven't tired erase paste yet... I would assume that erase paste might be better because Benefit is more of a high end brand?

  2. This looks so handy! It's nice to hear that the texture is so great and I really like the idea of blending the two shades to customize the colour and coverage of the concealer. Another promising product from Sleek!


  3. I have really liked all of the sleek products that I have tried. I might have to add this to my wishlist.


  4. i still havent gotten the hang of mixing cream concealers, they always seem to have the possibility of tugging my skin... but this one looks good :)

    xo; L&M

  5. I'm thinking of getting this type of concealer. Will look at swatches of #2 now. ;)


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