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Rimmel Stay Glossy Neon - 105 Pop Your Pink and 605 Orange Your Life review and swatches

September 10, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I have been meaning to do this review for a couple of months now, and luckily I didn't do it straight away because it would have been a pretty negative review. I bought these off ASOS in June and I was initially attracted to the orange gloss, but when I couldn't find reviews or swatches of these anywhere, I decided to buy the pink one as well so I could review them both. I did buy them for 50% off which came to about $5.10 each (they each contain 5.5g of product).

How it looked on the ASOS site

The two shades are 105 Pop Your Pink and 605 Orange Your Life, and they are from the Stay Glossy Neon range which you can see here at the Rimmel website. I have never tired any products from the Stay Glossy range, since I am more of a lipstick gal, but these looked exciting because I was expecting a vibrant gloss with an amazing fruity or sweet scent - not the case at all! When I first opened these I was very disappointed, they almost have no colour at all and they smell more like a moitsuriser or skin care product. I ended up just putting these in my drawer and I have only started using them again, and I am starting to really love them!

I'll firstly talk about the packaging, the packaging is eye catching and really fun looking, but it is deceiving since the product is nothing like what you expect from its appearance. I do adore the applicator though, I have a Revlon gloss that has the same applicator and I much prefer these over the doe foot applicators. Mainly because it feels so soft on your lips, and also because they give a more precise application.

Left to right: Pop Your Pink, Orange Your Life
From the swatches you will see how sheer this gloss is, it has barely any colour, no shimmer, no nothing! It is more of a gel type consistency and gives a shine without being over the top glossy.

Pop Your Pink
Orange Your Life
I did buy these in Winter, and in colder months I tend to reach more for berry toned glosses, moisturing balms, or matte lipsticks, so I neglected these for a while. Now that it is Spring in Australia and it is getting warmer, this is the perfect Spring/Summer day time gloss! I think these glosses are the definition of a "your lips but better" gloss! It is smooth, not sticky, gives your lips a natural shine and a slight hint of colour. I didn't like these to begin with, because I had different expectations, but I am loving them now because they make your lips look naturally flawless. The moisturiser scent gives a neutral and clean smell, which is actually quite a refreshing change from the strongly scented glosses that you normally come by. I also love that these are shimmer free, another refreshing change from a lot of glosses on the market.

The pink gives your lips a slight rosie flush, and the orange gives your lips more of a coral tone. They aren't too different, so I wouldn't recommend needing to buy both. These glosses also claim to last 6 hours, and I'm sure they do in laboratory settings, but I find that they last a good 3 hours+ if you aren't eating or drinking (I don't usually go longer than a couple of hours without eating or drinking so this is hard for me to test), and 1-2 hours if you are wearing it while eating or drinking.

These are my new favourite glosses for a flawless natural lip, I can imagine this looking amazing with a tan and bronze eye makeup. I can't wait to wear these more in the warmer months coming up!

Has anyone else tried these? Or has anyone hated a product on first impressions and then fell in love with it?

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