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MUA individual eye shadows in shades 12 pearl, 23 pearl, and 19 matte - comparison with MAC Blue Brown pigment

September 3, 2012

I want to start by saying that I am absolutely kicking myself that I only ordered three of these! I honestly think MUA's eyeshadow palettes are their strongest product in their range, and I was reluctant to get the individual shadows because I have so many of their palettes. I decided to get three because the two pearl colours jumped out at me, and I got the matte brown because I tend to use up matte brown shadows the fastest, as I use it as both a crease colour and eyebrow colour.

Anyway, these retail for £1 each (aka $1.50 in Australia) and they contain 2 grams of product (compared to 1.5 grams in MAC eye shadows). You can get these from the MUA website, there are 22 shades to choose from in the pearl range, and 4 in the matte range - I wish I lived in the UK so I could easily collect them all!

The packaging of these are good, the plastic doesn't feel too cheap, and I like the clear lid. The only issue I can possibly think of is that the lids are domed so these tend to take up a lot of room, but no biggie.

Shade 23 pearl is a light mauve blue, shade 12 pearl is a brown with turquoise/green duo chrome (similar to MACs blue brown pigment), and shade 19 matte is a cool toned brown. 

As you can see, all of these colours are super pigmented, the most pigmented being the pearl colours. I was shocked at how easy it was to pick up colour with the blue shade, it is soooo soft to touch. The shimmery brown has the best colour pay off of the three. 

Shade 23, shade 12, and shade 19 without flash
Shade 23, shade 12, and shade 19 with flash
I was so impressed with these, the two pearl colours are utterly beautiful, and the matte brown is a perfect eyebrow/crease colour. These are so pigmented, but you can get a bit of fall out. I was using shade 12 today and it reminds me of the texture of the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow, which I was quite impressed with.

MUA shade 12 pearl eye shadow compared to MAC Blue Brown pigment

I decided to do a quick comparison between shade 12 pearl and MAC's Blue Brown pigment. MAC is on the left and MUA is on the right in each photo. The first photo is without flash and the second is with flash. The MAC pigment is a lot more sparkly than the MUA shadow, which appears slightly darker and more dense. The MAC pigment also has a warmer more red base, but the shimmer is more blue, whereas the MUA has a darker brown base, but a greener shimmer. In real life the MAC pigment is more striking because its a lot more shimmery and the blue is amazing, but I would say that this MUA shadow is a really good dupe! I also think the MAC pigment in Australia costs around $40, compared to the MUA shadow which is $1.50. It's up to you, but the MUA shadow is massively better value for money.

Below is a quick look that I did, with shade 12 all over the lid, shade 19 slightly in the crease, and shade 23 in the inner corner and under the eye. 

Have you tired any of these MUA shadows? Which do you recommend?


  1. Did you order these from their site? After reading this I really want to order some but I am always scared to order things from oversea's lol they are unbelievably cheap! x

    1. Yup I ordered them from the UK site when they were having a free shipping deal. Ordering from overseas is the best! Its the only way to get cheap makeup and makeup thats not available in Australia. MUA is really goo too, if something arrives broken they will send you out a new one!

  2. very beautiful eye make up that is perfect for occasions but spiced up with a little twist (the ice blue) xo
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