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MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - review and swatches

September 5, 2012

I know this palette has been around for a while, but I have only really got into MUA in the last few months. The first palette I got from MUA was the Undressed palette, which you can see swatched here, and I am glad I finally got around to buying this Heaven and Earth palette, because for me, these colours are more neutral/nude than the colours in the Undressed palette. The Undressed palette contains quite a lot of pinks and a few dark blue-greys, and I don't get much use out of them. The only thing I do prefer about the Undressed palette is that it contains two matte colours, whereas this Heaven and Earth palette contains only shimmery colours. If you are like me and have warmer features, or if you are tanned, this will probably be a better neutral palette for you than the Undressed palette.

I bought this palette from the MUA website for £4, which is approximately AU$6. It contains 12 shimmery brown/nude/taupe/copper/gold shades and in total it contains 9.6g of product.

The packaging is ok, it doesn't feel like the most luxurious packaging, but I am glad they put more effort into the product instead of the packaging. I like the clear plastic lid, mainly because I have a bunch of these palettes now and its good to see which ones which without having to open them. You will see that the back of the packaging only says the name of the palette, the shades themselves do not have names.

The shadows themselves are super soft and pigmented, you will notice that the quality does change from shade to shade, there isn't a uniform finish to these shadows. All of these are beautifully pigmented, but some of them can be a little powdery and can cause fall out.

Top row swatched without flash
Top row swatched with flash

Bottom row swatched without flash
Bottom row swatched with flash.
Out of the two rows, I prefer the look of the top row because it has a wider variety of colours - it has an antique gold, an orange gold, a rich brown, some light shades etc. The bottom row seems more of a variety of taupes and bronzes.  Just on first opinions, I found the light colours and the 4th and 6th bottom row colours to be the most powdery.

I do like all these colours, and I am sure that I will get use out of every single shadow, which is rare for me. If you use bronze or taupe colours as your normal day to day eye colour then you will love this palette as much as I do. I would have loved to see some matte colours for crease colours, but nothing is perfect. Great value for the price, and I am sure I will use this daily.


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