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Milani Lip Flash review and swatches: Shades 02 News Flash, 03 Flash Light, 04 Photo Flash, 05 Hot Flash, 06 Flashy, and 07 In A Flash

September 28, 2012

It's Friday so I wanted to do a fun review today. This is my Milani Lip Flash collection, I have six of the eight shades available. I bought these from where they are normally $5.99 each, but I got them for 20% off... which pretty much covered the cost of shipping.

The shades I have are:
02 News Flash - a dark purple brown with blue-purple shimmer
03 Flash Light - a light peachy orange with peach shimmer
04 Photo Flash - a dark pinky-red with dark pink shimmer
05 Hot Flash - a true red with red shimmer
06 Flashy - a magenta pink with magenta shimmer
07 In A Flash - a mauve with purple shimmer

These contain 2.8g of product each and come in a pencil applicator, which is a little annoying because these do require a sharpener to sharpen. It would have been 10 times better if you could twist these up instead of needing to sharpen them. The outside colour of the packaging corresponds to the colour of the lipstick.

Swatches without flash - 02 News Flash, 03 Flash Light, 04 Photo Flash, 05 Hot Flash, 06 Flashy and 07 In A Flash
Swatches with flash - 02 News Flash, 03 Flash Light, 04 Photo Flash, 05 Hot Flash, 06 Flashy and 07 In A Flash

02 News Flash without flash
02 News Flash with flash
News Flash is very dark, but also looks quite brown. I was expecting this to be more purple. It is a nice vampy colour, but I may wear it over a dark red lipstick or a dark purple to take away some of the brown. This does have a blue-purple shimmer to it which is really pretty. This is one of the most opaque and softest formulas of the six. Because this is so soft, the top of the pencil can is a bit more delicate and I can imagine it breaking if you push too hard.

03 Flash Light without flash
03 Flash Light with flash
This is one of the most wearable shades of the six. It is a pretty peach colour and would be easy to wear during the day in summer or spring. This product one of the sheerer of the six, and is also firmer than News Flash, so you can use more pressure to put this product on without being worried that you will break the pencil tip.

03 Photo Flash without flash
03 Photo Flash with flash
Photo Flash is a dark vibrant pink, and would be great on a night out. This would suit anyone who loves a bold pink lip. This formula is in between Flash Light and News Flash, and feels just like a lipstick.

05 Hot Flash without flash
05 Hot Flash with flash
This is by far my favourite colour of the six. It is amazing! This has the same opaque soft consistency as News Flash, but it doesn't look like it contains glitter, instead it looks like red foil on your lips. This is my new bold amazing red lip colour, it is so stunning! I would repurchase this over and over. If this was a MAC product they would probably sell it for five times the price, and people would be happy to pay.

06 Flashy without flash
06 Flashy with flash
This is a really pretty blue based pink, and it the most girly Barbie one of the six. I didn't expect to like this one as much as I do, but it is such a pretty sparky colour.

07 In A Flash without flash
07 In A Flash with flash
This is similar to the consistency of Flash Light, so it is one of the sheerer and firmer of the six. If you like mauve lips (which I do) then you could get away with wearing this sheered out during the day in spring or summer. The purple shimmer makes this colour pop, and I think this would look amazing over a mauve lipstick.

  • The glitter doesn't feel gritty
  • They don't dry out your lips, feels just like a lipstick
  • They last a good 3+ hours
  • Nice range of colours
  • Not too expensive
  • Easy to apply
  • Pencil applicator means you have to sharpen these when they are blunt
  • Formula varies from shade to shade, some are very soft and risk breaking or getting smooshed if you press too hard
  • Some people may find that the formula feels a tiny bit sticky
 Overall I really like these, they are fun and easy to apply. They don't feel dry or gritty at all, they feel like a normal lipstick. These are a tiny bit sticky, but they aren't annoyingly sticky, and they do last a good 3+ hours if you aren't eating or drinking. When these wear off they do leave a bit of glitter behind.  If you love a statement lip, then you will really like these... and if you love a classic red lip, then give Hot Flash a go, you will thank me for it!


  1. These look amazing - I love the look for Flashy and Photo Flash. Definitely going on my "to buy" list now :D

    1. They're very fun, I can't wait for this horrible weather to pass so I can go out and wear these :)

  2. these look like such fun lip colours! I featured you in a favourite bloggers post if you would like to go and take a look


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