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MAC confirms fakes in Target!

September 7, 2012

If you love cosmetics and live in Australia you will have no doubt heard about the controversy over the MAC products released in Target a little while ago. I first saw this on the Target website in early August before they were released in stores, and I wrote this post about it. Since they arrived in stores there had been reports that these products weren't genuine MAC. I did have a look in store a few days after they were released and it looked like a storm had hit the stand, there were barely any products left and all the samples had been thrown around, and some had even been stolen, so I didn't manage to purchase any of the makeup.

Within the next few days there were numerous blog posts and YouTube videos popping up discussing whether or not these products were genuine MAC. One comprehensive discussion on the matter was done by Jodi at Goo Roo Beauty which you can watch here.

Finally an article came out today on The Age website, that says that MAC has announced that these products are fakes, and that Target have now taken them off the shelves. If you go to the MAC website there is a little alert in the middle of the screen that links you to the announcement that they have made about the products sold in Target.

What do you guys think about this? Did you buy any of these fake MAC products from Target?


  1. Oooh! Scandalous! I did pick up one of their lipsticks. It's now in the bin. The smell and the consistancy just wasn't right. I'm still trying to wrap my head around a big company like Target trying to sell fake products as genuine articles. They must have known they couldn't get away with it. With so much fake MAC floating around, people are extremely wary about purchasing from somewhere other than a MAC store.

    1. They claim they got it from a supplier who said it was genuine MAC. MAC is suing Target Australia now, which I think is a little harsh since it didn't damage MACs reputation, it damaged Targets reputation!


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