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Lust Have It Box September!

September 24, 2012

It's my favourite time of the month, LUST HAVE IT TIME! This months box came with a sleek looking silver makeup bag. This months box felt a little light but lets see what it has to offer!

Above is the close up of the card that I got which details all of the products. One slightly disappointing thing is that this box contains no full sized items, but that's slightly redeemed since it contains a discount card which allows members to get a free Davroe styling product... the only issue I have with this that you need to pay nearly $10 for shipping. This box also has a coupon for a Dermalogica facial treatment, which is exciting - I'm going to go with my friend who has just received her first Lust Have It box this month (HI KYLIE xoxox)

So these are the products:

Davroe Smooth Senses Straightening Balm 50mL: I really like Davroe products, and I am looking forward to giving this a go. I normally tend to go for volumising products because I have pretty limp hair, so I don't know how this will work but I will definitely try! It smells really nice, almost like a fresh herbal scent... I would like a perfume that smells like this.

Avene Cold Cream 10mL: I don't mind this product, but I am a little disappointed because this was included in July box which you can see here.

Say It With Scent Frangipani Hand and Body Lotion 30mL: I am happy to get a hand cream, since I just used up the hand cream that I keep in my bag. Only problem is that I'm not a huge floral scent person, and I got frangipani... I would have preferred the green tea or the vanilla one way more. Ah well, can't win them all, I will use this though.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque 15mL: I think I am most excited about this mask, I am big into nourishing masks these days. I will insert a review as soon as I use this.

Mirenesse Ace of Base concealer 1.5g: This is a brave move from Lust Have It, it works for me because this actually matches quite well with my skin tone, but not everyone has the same skin tone as me. Risky. This concealer is in the shade Ice, which according to the website is the only colour it comes in (odd?). It is light and quite yellow based, and has pretty good coverage. The Mirenesse website shows that this mini size costs $10.95 - and doubles as a eyeshadow primer, so if this does not match your skin then you can still use it as an eyeshadow base which is an awesome idea in my opinion. See swatches of this concealer below.

Mirenesse concealer heavy swatch and blended - without flash
Mirenesse concealer heavy swatch and blended - with flash

This is not my favourite box, mainly because of the double up of the Avene cream and the fact that it does not contain any full sized products, but other than that it has some great items. The items that I am most excited about are the mask and the concealer/eyeshadow base. I will also take full advantage of the offers that are included, so I need to start choosing which Davroe styling product I want and I will book in for my facial - exciting!


  1. Great post to see what is in these boxes and how they are sent, I have been meaning to sign up to it for a while. :D

    1. If you are open to using all the products and using all the vouchers then they are great value, if you will only use one or two products then its not worth it. I love them!

  2. I stopped my LuxeBox membership because of the lack of full-sized products, but did get the occasional amazing mini-sized item. The Dermalogica mask looks really promising- I'm looking forward to a review :)


    1. I love them. This is the first box i have got that does not have a full size product, but it does provide a voucher where you can get a free full size davroe styling product from the website. It's just annoying that you have to pay shipping


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