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Laura Mercier Haul, Review and Swatches: Eye Liners in Black Ebony and Mahogany Brown, Eye Colour in Caramel, and Eye Basics in Wheat

September 26, 2012

I bought these four items off strawberrynet a few weeks ago, each of these came in two packs - so everything you see here I also have an unused boxed one in my drawer as a backup. Strawberrynet were selling each of the two packs of liners for $11 and the two pack of eye shadows and the eye basics for $13.50. I thought I would do a quick review and a few swatches of these products because I have been using them for a few weeks now and I really like them.

So I got these eye liners for essentially $5.50 each, which is crazy cheap since in Australia these retail for $45 each. I got the shades Black Ebony and Mahogany Brown. I also got the eye shadow in the shade Caramel for $6.75 (which retails for $44). All of these have similar packaging, they are identical from the outside. The packaging is sturdy and I love that they each contain a good sized mirror, I do find myself using these mirrors when I do apply these products.

I love these liners, especially the black. These eye liner are cake liners, so you need to use water to create the liquid liner. Some people might not like having to keep a glass of water on their makeup table for this, but it really doesn't bother me, and it does end up being less messy than gel liners. The water does tend to try up pretty quickly so you will need to add more water pretty much every time you go to dip your brush back into the product.

The reason why I was so impressed with this product is because you have more control. I find you can control the intensity of the colour, so you can have it very black if you really mix your brush around, or you can use a little bit of the product for a more subtle colour. You can also control how wet or dry the product is, so if you want a very precise line then you can use a lot of water and make it very liquidy, or you can use a little bit of water and make it quite dry. I prefer using a drier liner for during the day because it looks a little softer and more natural. I also find that because the product is thinner than a gel liner, you don't tend to get clumpy lines if you make a mistake and I find that you can make a thinner and more precise line. If you aren't confident with liquid liner then this product is great because you can start soft and build up the line.

This liner also stays in place and it does not budge or smear. Because this formula dries pretty quickly then its very hard to smudge this product. It definitely is not as pigmented than a gel liner, but I like that about these because I like the look for liquid liner, but I don't like the intense liquid eyeliner look for during the day, so these liners are much more wearable and work appropriate

You can see the swatches of these liners below. Both these liner have a matte finish, and I personally prefer the black, because the brown is too light for my liking, but it would suit people who prefer a very subtle liner. See how this looks on my eye at the end of this post.

Swatches without flash. Left to right: Black Ebony liner, Mahogany Brown liner, Caramel eye shadow, Wheat Eye Basics
Swatches with flash. Left to right: Black Ebony liner, Mahogany Brown liner, Caramel eye shadow, Wheat Eye Basics
Caramel eye shadow
I also got the eye shadow in Caramel. This is a matte shadow (see swatches above), and is a peachy nude. I really like this shade, and originally I was thinking of selling my other one on ebay, but I have been using this either as an all over lid colour, or as a crease colour with a nude eye, and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. It blends beautifully and is very pigmented, but is not at all powdery and doesn't create any fall out.

Like the eye shadow, I got this eye basics product for $6.75, and this normally costs $42. This is in the shade Wheat, which is a matte dark nude colour. This product can be used as a liquid eye shadow, or you can use it as an eye shadow base. This is the old packaging, and the newer packaging is in a square tube rather than the round tube, but the product is the same. As you can see from the photo above this has a doe foot applicator.

I really like this product, there was another one for sale which was called buff and was a similar colour but was shimmery, I liked the matte aspect of this because it is more versatile and if you want to make it shimmery you can put a shimmery eye shadow over the top. This product does a really good job at blanking out the eye and covering all the imperfections to leave a nice canvas for your eyeshadow. It is a bit darker than my skin colour, but I think it also works really well on its own for a nude eye.

Now does this eye basics product work as a primer?

With eye basics as a primer
Without eye basics as a primer
So I did a little experiment the other day and I used eye basics on one of my eyes and not on the other. The photos above are from after 5 hours of wear, the top photo used the eye basics as a primer and has no creasing, and the bottom photo has no primer, and has significant creasing. The eye with the primer did not crease after 10 hours which is when I took off my makeup.

A quick look using all of these products

I thought I would include a quick example on how I use these products. In the photos above I have Eye Basics in Wheat all over my eyelid, and I have the Caramel shadow in the crease, then I have the Mahogany Brown liner winged out on the lid, and also lined under the eye. Since I like a darker liner on the top lash line, then I also took the Black Ebony liner and used that closer to the lash line just to make it a bit bolder. Then I used a mascara and that's it! I thought I should include a photo of how I use it, just so you can see what I mean when I say it is a softer and more subtle liquid liner look. It would not be my pick of liner if I am going out and want a really black bold liner, but it is perfect for work or an every day liner.


  1. I quite like Mahogany brown for something different and not so harsh :) Such bargains!

  2. fantastic bargain! those liners look fantastic :)

    1. Yeah I love them, and I bet they will last forever too!

  3. Gorgeous products. I've never tried one of those cake liners before. I love LM!

    1. Its my first cake liner too... you don't see too many brands doing it. I like that it will last ages and not dry out

  4. Wow what a great bargain :) I want to try the eye basics!

  5. These look like some pretty awesome basics for a neutral eye look. That Eye Basic seems to work so well as a primer! Love the smokey brown look you used to demonstrate its effectiveness :)



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