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Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Daily Duo and Guava Shower Gel - Review

September 11, 2012

I bought this Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Daily Duo pack and the Korres Guava Shower Gel from strawberrynet.com. I paid $25 for the pack and $11.50 for the shower gel (not including the extra stawberrynet discounts). I am a bit skeptical of Korres skin care, so I was looking forward to giving this a go.

The pack contains a Quercetin & Oak Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Face Serum, and a Quercetin & Oak Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Eye Cream.

I have been using these for about a week now and out of the two of these products, I prefer the face serum. The serum smells clean, fresh but slightly fruity, and I find that my skin does feel smoother the next day. It has the runny consistency like most serums, but I find that I use two pumps of this to get a good coverage. The eye cream is just ok, I find that I use half a pump for both eyes. There isn't too much of a scent to this eye cream, but the reason I'm not the biggest fan is because if you get it too close to your eyes, it tends to sting your eyes. I have never experienced that with an eye cream, but it's quite annoying! The stinging only lasts a second or two, but you can't rub your eyes or touch your eyes after applying this, you also can't apply it too close to the eyes which I personally don't like.

Consistency of the eye cream on the top and the serum on the bottom.

I do like the packaging of these products, they both come with pumps, and the face serum comes in a glass bottle which feels expensive. The eye cream is just in a white plastic pump container.

So these are the claims that Korres makes about the serum and eye cream. I am probably not the best person to comment on these claims, firstly I am 26 and I don't have wrinkles, and secondly I love skin care so I've recently been using products like Alpha-H and Estee Lauder eye serum, so my skin is not bad. I would say that with the Korres serum, I have possibly notices an improved skin texture, but that's about it. I honestly have not seen any improvements around my eyes, if anything I think I have noticed darker circles... I am guessing that this is because I was previously using the Estee Lauder eye serum, which I am assuming did a better job that this eye cream. I have only been using this for about a week so if I notice any further results, I will edit them in to this review.

One positive about these two products is that they are "good for you". Here is a list of all the things that are excluded and included from the eye cream. The serum had a very similar list.

I bought this 400mL shower gel after using the Korres 250mL Vanilla and Cinnamon shower gel which I wasn't too impressed with... mainly because the scent was too woody and masculine for what I was expecting. I did decide to buy this one because it was a good deal and I ran out of shower gel. I do like this Guava scent a lot more, it has the same forumla as the Vanilla and Cinnamon gel, however it smells slightly fresher, lighter and fruitier. It is still a scent that is quite uni-sex so it's not super fruity or sweet, but it is refreshing. My only issue with this body wash is that it takes quite a lot of product to get a good lather, but besides that it's quite nice. This formula contains 91.4% natural ingredients etc etc (see photo below). I'm generally not too fussed on natural ingredients, but I have started to get quite sensitive and dry skin on my back, so I am trying to avoid chemicals and bad ingredients in the shower.

Has anyone ever tried any Korres skin care? What did you think? Or is there any skincare that you really want to try from Korres?

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  1. I love the Korres Guava scent! So unique and refreshing. Aside from the shower gels, I've used their Yogurt face mask, which was a nice treat for my combination skin in wintertime :)


    1. I haven't used the mask, but I have combination skin too so maybe I should try it :)


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