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Karpati Nail Lacquer Frosted Pearls

September 26, 2012

I got this nail polish as a gift from Lust Have It for being one of the first 300 people who completed their survey, so I have no idea how much it costs or where to buy them... there is a website on the back of the bottle, but its horrible and provides very little information.

I was very happy when I saw that I received a nude colour, which is calld Frosted Pearls. I do love the look of nude nails but I realised that I have very few nude nail polishes - and even then, the ones I have are generally more of a light pink and not so much a nude. I need to remedy this gap in my nail polish collection soon, but I was happy to get this shade.

I also like the packaging, it is a nice heavy glass container which feels quite expensive. It doesn't look like there is much product in there, but it does contain 11.5mL which is pretty good.

The name is a little deceiving as this is a flat colour, it has no pearl finish (thank god!) or glitter. It is VERY sheer to apply though, the photo above is of three coats! It is the most streaky nailpolish I have every used. One coat looks appalling, two coats looks patchy, and only after three does it look like a solid colour - I do think it will look better with four coats but I refuse to put another coat.

Here is the overall look. Sorry about my super short nails, here's a tip: don't cut your nails when running late for work! I do like the colour, it is a very very light nude but I think it looks nice and clean. The overall look is pretty, but there is a lot of hassle to get there. This nail polish doesn't encourage me to run out and buy more unfortunately, but I'm sure some of their bolder colours will probably have a better formula.

Did you win one of these 300 polishes? What colour did you get?


  1. I got one of the 300 polishes! Mine was Lily Crown but I didn't paint my nails with it and get gorgeous photos like you. I'm pretty terrible with nail polish so I decided to keep mine to give away next month when my current giveaway ends. The colours we got were pretty similar!


  2. What a great shade! I don't own any nude polishes (more of a vampy/vibrant polish sort of gal), but more natural and subdued shades have been appealing to me more lately. Thanks for sharing!




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