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Blue nail look - using Sportsgirl and Face of Australia polishes

September 24, 2012

I am loving Sportsgirls Nail It! nail polish in Denim, it is the perfect navy blue that almost looks like blue ink. I bought this on sale for $5.95 a few months ago, and it has been the best cold weather colour. I decided to do a quick look with it before the weather starts to get too warm.

So I used two coats of Demin over a base coat. This colour has no white pigment to it, so it is a little sheer, so you do need 2-3 coats to get a full cover. Wait for the nail polish to dry completely before you start doing the design.

Then I used some sticky tape (for an example see my last nail post here) and sectioned of some of the nail in a diagonal direction. I then painted the exposed part of the nail with Face of Australia's nail polish in Ocean Villa - for this part, you want an opaque nail colour so you only have to put one coat on. I then carefully peeled of the sticky tape, you need to do this before the nail polish has dried

I did this effect to my thumb nail and ring finger nail, but you can do it to any nails you want... I might even do every nail next time.

I would highly recommend the shade Denim, it's such a unique navy blue. If you are interested in picking up this colour, you can possibly still get in on sale at Sportsgirl! I bought the Face of Australia nail polish close to two years ago, so I'm unsure if you can still buy that shade. 

What do you think of navy blue nails?


  1. I absolutely LOVE ocean villa!!! It a great one coater and is superb for stamping - the whole Luxe collection by FoA was fantastic! So proud of you for supporting Aussie brands! Oi Oi Oi

    1. Haha Oi Oi Oi indeed :P Yeah its an amazing blue, but I have never used it for stamping - I will try that soon for sure! I don't have many nail polishes from FoA, I should definitely buy more!

  2. I need Ocean Villa, it looks amazing! I have never tried FOA polishes before! x

    1. Its a great colour... not sure if it is still out, but check in Priceline x

  3. OOOOoooo looks like you're getting closer to follower number 100 and thus, closer to the giveaway ;)


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